July is typically a nice month at the NETWAYS HQ with our annual summer-meeting and our legendary barbecue. This year was a bit different with our first online summer-meeting, and a party with fewer guests, but nonetheless a great night!

Here is what we wrote about in July!


NETWAYS Web Services

Many a software for video conferences is found lacking in regards of data protection. Not “our” Jitsi though! Natalie shared the good news in DSGVO: Grün für Open Source Videokonferenzdienste.
In our blog series Kubernetes – so startest du durch! Sebastian wrote about managing Nodegroups in Kubernetes Nodegroups verwalten. Martin shared the advantages of APIs in NETWAYS Cloud: Alles im Griff mit API.


Icinga for Windows

A lot is happening in the world of Icinga for Windows! Read Alexanders` Plugins, Provider, PowerShell.




Thomas was asked Is there a Company Backing PostgreSQL? His answer was: well, read it if you want to know! Marius told us of the new Gitlab hack in Gitlab Johnyj12345 Hack. Did you miss Afeefs blog on cluster and nodes? Read Cluster unter Proxmox virtual Environment.


Trainings and conferences

Pamela informed us that the stackconf 2020: Archives are now online. Browse through the slides, videos and photos, und look forward to the next stackconf!
Learn about the useful tool Terraform in our trainings! Julia gave us more info as well as the dates of upcoming trainings in Terraform Training: Provisionierung von Infrastruktur in der Cloud.
We are truly sorry to inform you that the DevOpsDays and the Open Source Monitoring Conference (OSMC) 2020 are cancelled. The decision was not easily made, but we feel that it is the right choice under the current circumstances.


Shop in our shop!

In Funk me Amadeus! Nicole let us in on upcoming changes in monitoring systems.
Which alerts are possible from the different products? Nicole showed us the shops overview in Neue Vergleichsseite zu unseren Messgeräten. Natalie put together a list explaining all of the SMS Gateway functions in Glossar für SMS Gateways.


OSMC 2019 recap

In our series OSMC 2019 | Recap Saeid wrote about the talk Vom Bordstein zur Skyline by Robert Waffen. Read about it or klick on the link to watch the whole talk!



In our blog series NETWAYS stellt sich vor you can get to know our team.

This month read about Ravi.

Catharina Celikel
Catharina Celikel
Office Manager

Catharina unterstützt seit März 2016 unsere Abteilung Finance & Administration. Die gebürtige Norwegerin ist Fremdsprachenkorrespondentin für Englisch. Als Office Manager kümmert sie sich deshalb nicht nur um das Tagesgeschäft sondern übernimmt nebenbei zusätzlich einen Großteil der Übersetzungen. Privat ist der bekennende Bücherwurm am liebsten mit dem Fahrrad unterwegs.