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IT Automation Trainings

Visit one of our numerous automation training courses and learn to automate manual and time-consuming processes!


What is IT Automation?

As with automation in general, IT is also about establishing more efficient processes. In the course of increasing virtualization and the emergence of cloud services, the number of systems to be managed by IT admins is growing at an ever faster rate. The challenge for admins is to manage this enormous amount of tasks. Learn how it works in our training courses!

That’s what we offer

Our Automation Training Courses

Ansible Fundamentals

Learn the basics of Ansible, your tool for even better configuration management!

​Ansible Advanced

Do you know the basics and are you ready for the deep dive? You can get that from us!

​Ansible AWX

Learn the features of AWX and see examples of using the corresponding API.


Visit our training and make Foreman your tool for even better lifecycle management!


Get the basics and understand how Infrastructure as Code is implemented with Terraform!


That’s why you need IT automation

Save your Time

Replace time-consuming, manual interventions with automated processes and concentrate on more strategically important tasks!

Save Costs

Automate your IT processes and save unnecessary personnel costs for routine tasks! Reduce human error and optimize your resource utilization!

Speed up Processes

Shorten automated operations in your local or virtual data center and accelerate the provision of your resources!


What you will learn in our Automation Trainings

  • Automatic provisioning of operating systems

  • Standardization of software installations

  • Managing the IT environment through orchestration

  • Staging software for smoother updates

"In our automation training courses, comprehensive knowledge is imparted on the respective topic of IT automation using practical examples."

Lennart Betz, Trainer

You want more?

There’s still something going on

Your infrastructure is already automated with the appropriate technologies and you are an absolute professional when it comes to IT automation with Ansible, Terraform, Puppet or Foreman? Then focus on other important topics that will help you to work better, faster and, above all, more effectively!

In addition to our automation training courses, we also offer numerous other open source training courses in the categories Cloud Native , Monitoring & Observability, IT Operations and Logging & Security on. Have a look and secure your ticket for your favorite tools!

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