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Fujitsu | Success Story


Supported by a community of company health insurance funds, guild health insurance funds and substitute health insurance funds, the BITMARCK group of companies develops software products as well as individual consulting and services for modern cash management. An important subsidiary is BITMARCK SERVICE GmbH with offices in Essen and Bergisch Gladbach. Here more than 200 employees are engaged in the secure and efficient electronic data exchange with employers, service providers and other communication partners for statutory health insurances.


To ensure that BITMARCK’s data centers can also be managed with as little effort as possible, the company opted for a server landscape from Fujitsu, with the associated ServerView Manageability solution in combination with a monitoring solution.


According to Schmidt, the monitoring software has “absolutely competitive performance and reliability – and there is now a plug-in for almost everything. The monitoring software is not limited to the network, but can also be used to track all other components and processes of an IT environment. “And just as ServerView does this for the hardware analysis of the servers, the monitoring software also sends us e-mails with warnings,” adds Dennis Zielke, system administrator at BITMARCK. “Taken together, these two tools increase our operational reliability enormously.”

Fujitsu SELECT partner NETWAYS ensured the harmonious solution cooperation. The Nuremberg-based system house specializes in monitoring with open source software, among other things. In order to be able to integrate the Fujitsu ServerView Suite into the monitoring software, NETWAYS developed a monitoring plug-in so that BITMARCK can now import from both solutions equally.



“We receive the data in encrypted form from our customers so that we can extract it here and check it for plausibility, for example for proof of contributions for statutory health insurance,” explains Thomas Schmidt, head of Technology department at BITMARCK. He is highly satisfied with the project’s progress: “Fujitsu and BITMARCK have a long-standing, good working relationship. We chose Fujitsu as the general contractor for our BIT_CLEAR project because we are convinced of the reliability of the systems. Everything also went smoothly with the sales partner involved, NETWAYS.”

NETWAYS was responsible for implementing the monitoring software and integrating Fujitsu ServerView. Bernd Erk – CEO at NETWAYS – summarizes: “We developed a plug-in to integrate ServerView and the Fujitsu hardware into the monitoring software. Fujitsu ServerView is a very sophisticated tool as far as hardware monitoring is concerned. It even goes as far as automatic spare parts ordering. ServerView is very system-oriented and very well adapted to all server types. I can do an accurate hardware analysis.” Thanks to the plug-in from NETWAYS, BITMARCK administrators always have everything in view via a monitoring interface – “so they don’t have to switch back and forth between two interfaces.”





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