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DevOps & Container Training

We pass on our extensive and profound practical knowledge in our DevOps & Container training to you. Whether it’s GitLab, Kubernetes, or ArgoCD- we’ll turn you into a professional!


What is DevOps?

DevOps is a corporate culture that seeks to improve collaboration between software development and IT operations by using common processes and tools on both sides. Software tools such as GitLab have been created to support this cultural movement and are very popular. At the same time, containers have established themselves as a simple way of deploying software in companies and are now indispensable in many IT environments. Kubernetes has clearly become the standard platform for this and enjoys a huge user base.

This is what we offer

Our DevOps & Container training

GitLab Fundamentals

Are you looking for the perfect introduction to Git and the GitLab tool? You can get it from us! Learn all the basics of Git, its configuration and effective use and get basic GitLab knowledge about project management with issues and releases as a basis for modern software development.

Kubernetes Fundamentals

Get an overview of the operation and use of Kubernetes clusters in the Kubernetes Fundamentals training. Get to know the most important functions of modern container orchestration and learn how it will make your everyday work easier!

ArgoCD with Kubernetes

In this workshop you will learn how to use the Continuous Deployment Tool in a targeted manner and how to start using it straight away. We provide you with an ideal introduction to ArgoCD and GitOps practices, giving you the skills needed to perform simple deployments.

Why DevOps & Containers?

That’s why you need expert know-how

Why GitLab? – Because it can be so easy!

If you have GitLab, you have a collaborative version control system for your software projects. It allows everyone involved to securely write and maintain code, and develop collaboratively without disrupting each other’s workflow. Keep track of the individual steps of the DevOps lifecycle and manage your entire project with just one tool!

Container orchestration with K8s

If you have Kubernetes, you have a modern container orchestration in development and operation! Through the transition from monolithic software to orchestrated microservices, Kubernetes offers you significant advantages: from shorter release cycles, the possibility of mapping the entire DevOps lifecycle, to lower operating costs and high availability of your application. Make Kubernetes your tool for even better use of microservices!

ArgoCD for efficient Kubernetes deployment

If you have ArgoCD, you have the option of rolling out and managing your applications even more efficiently. In this training you will learn how to version and manage your Kubernetes manifests in Git to easily update your deployments. These skills are especially valuable if you already have experience with Kubernetes and want to deepen your knowledge.


DevOps & Containers made easy

Full perspective

No matter how you are involved in the development process: In our training courses you will get an overview of the entire process and an insight into the tasks of your team!

Check the lifecycle

Get to know all the processes relevant to software development and understand how the individual steps intertwine from start to finish.

Shorten your release cycles!

Accelerate the deployment process of your applications with container orchestration – for an even shorter time to market!

Save costs!

Keep operational costs low by automating your container deployments to a high degree – for less cost and effort!

Work in a team

Teamwork is the order of the day here! Realize how easy and efficient it is to work collaboratively on software projects – for even better results!

Increase your availability!

Work more effectively by packaging application components into microservices. Ensure more efficiency and less downtime!


You can do this after your DevOps & Container Training


  • Versioning
  • Team software development
  • Merge & Rebase Strategies
  • Workflows in the development process
  • Git workflows
  • DevOps Lifecycle
  • CI/CD
  • Use of remote and local repositories


  • Kubernetes basics
  • How containers work
  • Provisioning your own Kubernetes cluster
  • Operation of containers using Docker
  • Debug and secure the cluster
  • Architecture of Kubernetes
  • Use of persistent data
  • Resources, policies and tools related to K8s


  • ArgoCD Basics
  • Using ArgoCD in Kubernetes environments
  • Installation and configuration of ArgoCD on Kubernetes
  • Perform simple deployments with ArgoCD
  • Familiarity with key ArgoCD and Kubernetes concepts and best practices
  • Using ArgoCD to increase efficiency and productivity in Kubernetes environments

"The Kubernetes Fundamentals training helps to give an initial overview of a very broad field, highlights the most important concepts for operating and using Kubernetes clusters and goes into more detail on the first, usual steps."

Daniel Bodky, Trainer

"You'll learn how to use your tools better, whether that's Git, your project management software or your deployment environment."

Feu Mourek, Trainer

You want more?

There’s still something going on

Are you already a professional when it comes to GitLab and Kubernetes? Then focus on other important topics that will help you to work better, faster and, above all, more effectively! In addition to our Devops & Container training courses, we offer numerous other Open Source training courses in the categories Monitoring & Metrics, Automation, IT Operations and Logging & Security on. Have a look and secure your ticket to your favorite tools!


Convinced? We are already looking forward to seeing you.