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Deutsche Welle TV

Deutsche Welle TV

Icinga Monitoring


If you run your own monitoring-system like Nagios or Icinga, you have probably requirements to monitor some environmental parameters (temperature, humidity, smoke) or sending alerts to your admins. NETWAYS offers hardware for environmental monitoring, alerting and power monitoring.

With our hardware you can expand your Nagios or Icinga-monitoring with other important values.

We offer devices from different manufacturers like AKCP, Braintower, CEP, Gude, HW group, Kentix, MessPC, MultiTech, Sensatronics, Sensormetrix, Starface and much more.

With our monitoring hardware you are able to:

  • sending alerting sms
  • sending voice alerts
  • monitoring environmental parameters like temperature or humidity
  • detect water leaks
  • solve individual problems

Our monitoring- and alerting-hardware is suitable for these use cases: datacenter, server room, storage, holiday home, medical area, food industry, marketing purposes, automotive suppliers, offices and much more.

You find more information on the following site or in our online-store (only in german available yet).

Just get in contact with us for more information.