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Monitoring & Observability Trainings

We pass on our extensive and well-founded practical knowledge to you in our Monitoring & Observability training courses. Get to know the open source tools Icinga, Prometheus, InfluxDB and Grafana and become a monitoring professional.


What is IT monitoring?

With the help of availability monitoring, you ensure that all components, procedures and processes in your IT infrastructure are checked for availability and functionality. For a functioning and healthy IT environment, it is important to ensure the availability of all components at all times. It is important to do justice to the increasing complexity of modern system environments.
By collecting metrics, you get an overview of the current status and the historical development of your system. You display your collected data graphically on a dashboard and create a meaningful view from the abundance of metrics that supports both you and management in your work. Alarms can then be generated on this basis.
Learn everything about the Open Source Tools Icinga, Prometheus, InfluxDB and Grafana in our training courses and find out how they make your day-to-day work easier and sustainably improve it become.

That’s what we offer

Our monitoring & Observability Training

Prometheus Fundamentals

Familiarize yourself with the extensive basics of Prometheus and get a whole new, metrics-based view of your IT infrastructure.

Icinga 2 Fundamentals

Get the basics for the basic use and configuration of Icinga in combination with the Icinga Director and everything that belongs to a monitoring system in our training.

Icinga 2 Advanced

Do you know the basics of Icinga and now want to focus on distributed monitoring and automation? Then our advanced training is the right place for you.

InfluxDB & Grafana

In our InfluxDB & Grafana training you will learn everything important for successful performance monitoring of larger and more complex IT environments.


That’s why you need expert know-how

Stay available

Work with an absolutely reliable, highly available monitoring setup! Guarantee the best availability and performance of your IT with seamless monitoring.

Plan your capacities

Evaluate peak loads and bottlenecks and also use your monitoring data for capacity planning. Optimize the performance and memory usage of your systems!

Save costs

Detect errors in your infrastructure and their causes as early as possible and prevent failures! Save yourself a lot of costs resulting from system failures!

"Each of our trainers works in customer environments and knows what really matters in practice."

Markus Waldmüller, Trainer


You can do this after your monitoring training

  • Setting up an all-encompassing monitoring system
  • Integration options
  • Creation of new check plugins
  • High Availability & distributed monitoring
  • Automation of processes
  • Scalability of your monitoring
  • Individual customization options
  • Alerting and escalation
  • Collect and aggregate metrics
  • Graphic processing and evaluation
  • Choosing the right methods

You want more?

There’s still something going on

Your infrastructure is already being monitored stably and securely and you are an absolute professional when it comes to IT monitoring with Prometheus or Icinga and the preparation of metrics with InfluxDB and Grafana ? Then focus on other important topics that will help you to work better, faster and, above all, more effectively!

In addition to our monitoring training courses, we offer numerous other open source training courses in the categories Cloud &amp ; Native, IT Automation, IT Operations and Logging & Security on. Have a look and secure your ticket for your favorite tools!

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