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IT Operations Trainings

Take the next step with us and improve your IT infrastructure. Learn everything you need to know about Linux and PostgreSQL!


What is IT Operations?

IT Operations includes all components and measures that are necessary to keep the modern IT infrastructure in companies running smoothly and continuously. In our NETWAYS training courses we specialize in Linux and PostgreSQL. Although these only cover a part of the entire IT operations, as an operating system and database they are decisive for the successful operation of your IT infrastructure on the basis of open source.

That’s what we offer

Our IT Operations training courses


Get valuable practical knowledge about the basics of Linux in our beginner training!

PostgreSQL Fundamentals

Check all important basics about PostgreSQL – “The world’s most advanced open source database”!

PostgreSQL Advanced

Here we present ways to get even more out of PostgreSQL!


That’s why you need expert know-how

Linux is the most widely installed operating system in the server space and has long since become the standard in many companies. However, this does not only mean the operating system core, but an entire distribution consisting of open source software. Learn in our Linux training what options and freedom you have to build and operate a stable platform!

With PostgreSQL you have a stable database and your data is always under control. In our PostgreSQL training courses, you will learn everything that is necessary to administer the object-relational database management system. Make PostgreSQL your tool and become a professional in database administration!

"The tasks in the area of IT operations can be very varied and demanding. These are easier to master with the right knowledge, tools and experience."

Dirk Götz, Trainer


You can do this after your IT Operations training


  • Local user management
  • File Management
  • Package Management
  • Process Management
  • SSH and Cron
  • Network configuration


  • Explanation of the development and release cycles | Procurement & Installation
  • (G)UIs | Basic Configuration
  • Access Concepts and Restriction | Backup & Recovery
  • Version upgrades | High Availability
  • Connection Pooler | Monitoring
  • Maintenance activities

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Are you already a pro when it comes to IT operations, Linux and PostgreSQL? Then focus on other important topics that will help you to work better, faster and, above all, more effectively! In addition to our IT Operations training courses, we also offer numerous other Open Source training courses in the Cloud Native< categories /a>, IT Automation, Monitoring & Observability and Logging & Security on. Have a look and secure your ticket for your favorite tools!

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