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NETWAYS is an open source company based in Nuremberg. Our more than 90 employees with over a dozen different nationalities are the heart of NETWAYS. Together we have achieved a lot!


NETWAYS has been around for over a quarter of a century!
We have reached many milestones: Our team is growing steadily, new, great customers are added every year and our product range is getting wider.

We support companies in setting up, monitoring, automating and managing their IT infrastructures based on open source. As a competent and reliable contact in the field of monitoring and system management, we accompany our customers from the concept phase and advice through the complete implementation of their project, through to training and support.

With the NETWAYS Web Services (NWS) a platform for completely managed open source software up to the private cloud based on OpenStack is available. We complement our portfolio with a wide range of environmental monitoring hardware in the NETWAYS Online Shop.

In addition, NETWAYS has organized various training courses and conferences such as Open Source Monitoring Conference and stackconf.

Our Values


Everyone is welcome: No matter whether you are woman, man, trans, queer, diverse, no matter what nationality you belong to – what counts is you as a person and we respect you! From Syria to Austria, Germany, Norway to India: With over a dozen different nationalities, we are culturally diverse and very proud of it! There is also the Queerways group that answers all questions about LGBTQIA +!


We are very happy and grateful for every single team member. After all, it’s the people at NETWAYS who make our success! For us, showing appreciation means: Listening when someone has something to say, finding ways and solutions together, if you don’t know what to do or just say “Thank you”. It’s the small gestures that make a big difference – but also Christmas presents, barbecues, ski weekends or training opportunities.


At this point we would like to quote a yellow squarepants who live in a pineapple deep in the sea: “F stands for friends who do something. U stands for us, you and me. N stands for finite, let’s have fun (very peaceful and amicable) ”. Joking aside (only briefly): We value friendly, family-like cohesion. Thanks to the wonderful people we work with every day, the feel-good factor is guaranteed.


With regular stand-ups, including in large groups, and updates from our CEO Bernd, we all stay up to date. Sincere, open words, whether good or not: transparent communication is very important to us! Together we can find the best solutions for everyone. Our honest and authentic company culture drives us. We say when something is going well and respond when something is not going so well.

Open Source

We live and love open source! It’s anchored in our DNA, our daily work revolves around open source and the associated spirit is reflected in our teams. We value community, open communication and feedback for opportunities for improvement from colleagues. We are passionate about agile work, DevOps and innovation that comes from everyone’s ideas.


We get our milk, our yoghurt and the chocolate pudding, much sought after by many colleagues, from the local farm. Many come to work by bike. We also make sure to shop locally and strive for a paperless and energy-efficient office. Consultants attend customer appointments remotely or travel by train. We like to help where we can – also by sustainable support social projects.

Our History


NETWAYS is founded by Julian Hein


NETWAYS becomes a GmbH with focus on Open Source Software


We move into a new office for the first time


Wie launch our online shop and start educating young people


The first Nagios Conference takes place (now Open Source Monitoring Conference)


We are growing and have to move again


We start developing the Open Source Monitoring Software Icinga


We are hosting our Open Source Datacenter Conference for the first time (now stackconf)


Bernd Erk is now also CEO of the NETWAYS Group


NETWAYS Web Services is founded


NETWAYS grows over 70 people and move into a new office again


The NETWAYS family consists of 86 team members from 17 nations

What else you should know


We are proud of our customers, with whom we have a long-term partnership and often friendship in many places. And since we are allowed to work independently of the industry, we have already mastered a number of challenges – our software even runs on the ISS!

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Partners are important because together, hand in hand, we can achieve more! Here is a list of our partners we are proud to work with.

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In the past few years we have repeatedly supported social and societal projects and will continue to do so because we would like to help and give back. Our employees, who inspire us, provide the impetus for the various ideas.

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Our more than 90 employees with over a dozen different nationalities and the most diverse backgrounds and cultures form the heart of NETWAYS. Thanks to us, NETWAYS is familiar, competent and pretty cool. Get to know us even better!