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Social Commitment

In recent years, we have repeatedly supported and will continue to do so in social and societal projects. The impulses for the different ideas are always our employees, who inspire us with personal ideas and motivate us to do a little more.

Stadtmission Nürnberg

The Stadtmission Nürnberg is a non-profit, evangelical welfare association. It belongs to the Diakonie and the Evangelical Church in Bavaria. In and around Nuremberg she is there for people who need help in life, who are excluded or disadvantaged. Every year it supports over 25,000 women, men and children in very different, difficult life situations. In addition to child, youth and family work, it offers cross-generational counseling services and psychosocial support. It also operates numerous retirement and care facilities. NETWAYS financially supported the field of adolescent psychiatry and the fight against old age.

A Chance for Children

The private initiative launched in 2008 by some Tyroleans now enables regular school attendance for 400 children around Zigoti in Uganda. Our sponsorship helps the children and also supports other families who care for the orphans. The children should be helped effectively. Helping people to help themselves means, above all, education. No child can learn because it is hungry because it has no place to sleep or because it is ill because the drinking water is polluted.

Human Dreams e.V.

After the publication of the memoir “star thieves” Nicole Mitawa founded the non-profit association Human Dreams e.V. to build a children’s home in India for children in life-threatening situations. In 2013, the construction of a children’s village for seriously ill and multiple disabled children in Tanzania followed. NETWAYS supported this project with the donation of a dairy cow named after the beautiful name Icinga.


ShelterBox provides people who have lost their livelihoods due to natural disasters or conflicts with shelters and a basic set of essentials. Since every catastrophe is different, we decide for each application individually which materials we distribute on site. Thanks to the compact dimensions of our relief supplies, we can also reach remote regions, which are often only accessible by foot or by pack animals. Shelterbox is based on the work of volunteers, even first aid, and is funded exclusively through donations.


The Movember Foundation is committed to making a lasting difference in the face of men’s health. The Movember campaign is an educational and fundraising event that takes place every November. The Movember community has so far collected more than € 409 million and funded more than 800 programs in 21 countries. These programs save and improve the lives of men affected by prostate and testicular cancer. We made a small contribution to this by participating in the fundraising campaign Movember.

Union Freerunning Academy

Union Freerunning Academy’s mission is to help children and adolescents develop a healthy lifestyle and lifelong sports. For this purpose, a freerunning park was opened, the construction of which we have financially supported.

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