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NETWAYS Support Plans

To ensure your Open Source environment is up and running, we provide support plans for Icinga 2, Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana), Request Tracker, MySQL und Puppet with different service levels. Of course you are free to combine them.

Remote support client

We try to use SSH connections for our remote support as often as possible. If you can't provide a SSH connection, we offer remote support via AnyDesk.

Special conditions for project customers

Right now we provide special conditions for customers we realised a project with:
In case you purchase your desired support package together with consulting services (up to 3 days and more), we will reduce the total price for the contract to ensure we can provide you with our knowledge even after a project is completed. The lowered support price is valid for the first year of the contract.

Furthermore we provide special support contracts for Graylog and Bareos, allowing direct support access to the developer companies of the solutions. For further details please take a look on the corresponding supprt sites.

Please do not hesitate and contact us once you require assistance by choosing the required support package. You can reach us by using our contact form.

Support conditions

You can find our support conditions here.

Helpdesk & Support requests

To proceed your support calls we are using an e-mail and webbased helpdesk system, allowing us to easily keep track on the progress and the priority:

  • Please do not send any e-mails directly to our employees as they could be on customer premises. For support calls we have a dedicated e-mail address from which our support teams is processing your requests: support(at)
  • It could be part of the signed contract that we defined a special address for your support calls. We can only guarantee reponse times and SLA's for requests send to this adress.
  • Once your support call is send by e-mail to our support system, you will receive an automated acknowledgment of receipt. We will then proceed your request.
  • All mails send from our support system contain a special machining mark inside the header: „[netways #12345] Question regarding setup“. We will process your support call under this ticket number. Please do never change the header, as it will otherwise not beeing applied to your support call automaticly.
  • If you require to open another support call with a different topic, please use a clean e-mail to our support team to allow the creation of a new support call. This will allow us to easily process different calls from your side.