Monthly Snap October – NET News | Tips & Tricks | DevOps | Events & the WAYS we go

Hey guys,
you might have noticed: OSMC is in full swing! In the month before you could for sure feel the excitement in the air. WHAT THE HACK?! October was full of preparations, writing talks, ordering roll-ups, coding, hacking, getting things done, spreading the #monitoringlove… In the blog we suggested: OSMC: Extend your stay / knowledge!
Some knowledge you could also gain in this month’s tips & tricks section in the NETWAYS blog! Ein paar vim tricks shared Christoph. Lokale Time Machine Snapshots blockieren Speicherplatz told you Georg. Not the pasta-kinda-thing, but Gnocchi: Metriken und Metadaten explained Achim. With Florian you could join an experiment in Wahrnehmungspsychologie im UI Design. And Jean thought On giving up and trying an IDE. While David might have sung With a little Help from my Chef …

Modems and monitors

In the shop too there was a lot going on, as Silke let us know: USB oder RS232? Das LTE Dualport Modem von ConiuGo hat beides! Besides: HW group STE2 – Netzwerk-Thermometer And anyway: Erst testen, dann durchstarten – Unser Netways Monitor! But: Nicht nur Schall und Rauch – Die neue Generation der AKCP Sensoren Wherever you are: Das Office ist nur einen Klick entfernt – Mit dem STARFACE Mobile Client 2.3 Thank you, Silke!
A report from his first team event delivered our new Azubi Tobias in Teamevent 2018: Professional Services. And Dirk shared what it is like to train our new colleagues in Ausbilder erzählt – Professional Services – 2018. Looking for new job opportunities? Visit !

The ways we go…

Is there a fair anywhere… IT, Start-Ups, Open Source: You might possibly be meeting Manfred! In October thanks to him: NETWAYS goes to the Dortmund “Initiale”. „Go geht einfach“. Hm, that‘s another thing – from Alexander. More in: The way to Go
The NWS team was happy to announce they started an exciting journey with OpenStack as a Service on Get to know more about it here: NWS OpenStack | The ultimate IaaS Platform! And here: NETWAYS Webinare – Jetzt mit OpenStack ! Interested? Pssssst. Apply this code for 45 days free hosted OpenStack: Ge1AL

And now: Back to OSMC!

See you at the conference and the Evening Event in the Loftwerk tonight!

Julia Hornung
Julia Hornung
Marketing Manager

Julia ist seit Juni 2018 Mitglied der NETWAYS Family. Vor ihrer Zeit in unserem Marketing Team hat sie als Journalistin und in der freien Theaterszene gearbeitet. Ihre Leidenschaft gilt gutem Storytelling, klarer Sprache und ausgefeilten Texten. Privat widmet sie sich dem Klettern und ihrer Ausbildung zur Yogalehrerin.

Monthly Snap July < Icinga Director, OSBConf, Braintower, SSL, Apply For, Nextcloud, Web Accelerator, …

July started with lots of heat and Isabel told us how to recognize heat with HW Group STE2.
Florian went on with some simple examples for Flexbox in practice and Dirk told us about automated Monitoring with Puppet and the Icinga 2 Agent.
Christian gave an insight behind the scenes of our webinars and Julia announced the Foreman Birthday party at NETWAYS.
Bernd contuinued with his Blogpost on mistakes and how to deal with while Isabel announced the new Software Update for the Braintower SMS Gateway.
Gabriel went on with how to administrate Nextcloud using CLI and Julia gave 7 reasons to join the Open Source Backup Conference.
Martin K. explained the benefits of Web Accelerator and Georg told us how to simplify SSL. Later in July, Gunnar gave an insight in tracking tasks with Todoist and the Icinga Director News were announced by Thomas G. July ended up with the announcement of 24/7 Braintower Support by Isabel and Tobi’s video on Apply services and Apply For in the Icinga Director.

Monthly Snap May < GitLab CE, Icinga 2, NWS, OSDC, Ubuntu, Graphite, Puppet, SuiteCRM

In May, Achim started with GitLab CE, while Florian presented Vanilla.
Then, Lennart wrote the fifth part of his Icinga Best Practices and Isabel told us about the MultiTech MTD-H5-2.0.
Martin K. continued with external monitoring of websites and services with Icinga 2 while Julia gave a triple hurray to our OSDC-sponsors. Stefan G. gave an insight in his „Mission Loadbalancer Upgrade“ and Blerim tested Ruby applications with RSpec and WebMock.
Lennart published part 3 and 4 of „Icinga 2 – Automated Monitoring with Puppet“, Martin K. showed the benefits of our SuiteCRM Hosting while Marius G. told us the upcoming death of Ubuntu Unity.
May went on with the OSDC in Berlin and the reports from Isabel, Julia, Michi and Dirk.
Then Thomas Widhalm continued with the Carbon Relay for Graphite and Christian wrote about the Icinga 2 Satellite in NWS.
Towards the end of May, Christian announced some new webinars and Gabriel gave an insight in his work at NETWAYS!

Monthly Snap March > NETWAYS Web Services, Jitsi, ReactOS, Ceph, Braintower, OSDC, Graylog, Elastic{ON], Timelion, Icinga Director, Puppet

Tim began with a simple video chat jitsi-meets  and Alexander continued with his experiences with ReactOS.
Then Deniz wrote about Crush Maps in Ceph while Isabel presented the latest Shop Highlights such as AKCP sensorProbe 2, the Braintower software version 3.5.0 and some new STARFACE Services.
Then Martin announced our new platform NETWAYS Web Services and Gabriel analysed the differences between OwnCloud and Nextcloud.
Jean gave us an insight in the Icinga Buildserver, Version 3, while Julia started the countdown for the OSDC 2017 and presented the fixed program. Thomas Widhalm and Nicole reviewed the Elastic{ON] in San Francisco.
Blerim then described the Kibana add-on Timelion and Markus Waldmüller showed benefits given by the Icinga Director.
On events, Julia presented the programme and sponsors for the OSDC in May and announced our new training sessions for GRAYLOG.
Later in April, Ronny looked at multi-zone notifications in Icinga 2 while Gunnar presented ControlPlane.
Furthermore, Michael managed Elasticsearch, Kibana & icingabeat with Puppet and Lennart began with the first part of automated Monitoring with Puppet.
Last, but not least, Vanessa told about the Akademika 2017, where we’re serching for nice colleagues.

Monthly Snap March: Events, Docker, Backup, Elasticsearch, Foreman

March started with a suggestion to register for your favorite workshops at OSDC 2016. weekly snap
Johannes followed with his post about Securing Elasticsearch and MarkusW provided an inside into TrueCrypt Disaster Recovery.
Dirk shared tips for Compliance Reports in Foreman while Sebastian explained the Docker Overlay Network.
On events, Pamela counted 4 weeks to the OSDC 2016 with Bernd Ahlers´ talk on „What is your Configuration Management System doing“ meanwhile the Open Source Backup Conference started its Call for Papers.
MariusG introduced how to check Blacklists with check_rbl.
Finally, Florian told us how to optimise Fronted-Performance in Chrome like a Boss.

Vanessa Erk
Vanessa Erk
Head of Finance & Administration

Vanessa ist unser Head of Finance und somit mit ihrem Team für das Geld, Controlling und die Personalverwaltung zuständig. Außerhalb des Büros ist sie sportlich unterwegs und widmet sich hauptsächlich dem Yoga. Auf das offizielle Yoga-Teacher-Training (RYT 200), das sie mit Bravour bestanden hat folgten gleich Zusatzausbildungen zur Vertiefung ihres Wissens. Ihr Fleiß wird zukünftig wohl noch mehreren älter werdenden NETWAYS´lern zugutekommen.

Monthly Snap June: NetApp FAS 3140; News about OSMC and OSBConf; Katello; Open-Stack-Tage

June started with Georg looking for a new home for a used NetApp FAS 3140 we received from a client. The beautiful device is in good condition and can be fetched at our office, if you make a camerasmall donation.
My humble self, told you all you need to know about the Hackathon at OSMC and started the OSMC countdown with the presentation “OSMC 2014: From monitoringsucks to monitoringlove, and back” by Kris Buytaert. I also introduced the complete speaker lineup of Open Source Backup Conference to you.
Dirk introduced you all to Katello, the Foreman Plugin for Softwaremanagement and reported on why you should have a look at it, if you don’t have a provisioning and Configuration Management yet.
And Bernd wrote about what happed at his visit of Open-Stack-Tage in Frakfurt.

Monthly Snap February: FOSDEM and CfgMgmtCamp, Icinga 2.3., apprenticechip at Netways, Icinga Config

In February some of our guys took part in FOSDEM and CfgMgmtCamp in Belgium. Dirk was one of them and wrote about camerawhat happened there (in English).
Gunnar gave a preview of the new version of Icinga 2, coming on the 10th of March. He explained some general improvements of the version 2.3.
Our apprentice Marius gave insight to all the things he could learn so far – including setting up the Managed Service Dashboards and the First-Level-Support for our costomers.
Tobias explained three things, every Icinga Config user wants to do with it. Which are: “Naming hosts with paragraphs”, “Using speaking names for Templates” and “Using Unicode characters for services”.