July started with lots of heat and Isabel told us how to recognize heat with HW Group STE2.
Florian went on with some simple examples for Flexbox in practice and Dirk told us about automated Monitoring with Puppet and the Icinga 2 Agent.
Christian gave an insight behind the scenes of our webinars and Julia announced the Foreman Birthday party at NETWAYS.
Bernd contuinued with his Blogpost on mistakes and how to deal with while Isabel announced the new Software Update for the Braintower SMS Gateway.
Gabriel went on with how to administrate Nextcloud using CLI and Julia gave 7 reasons to join the Open Source Backup Conference.
Martin K. explained the benefits of Web Accelerator and Georg told us how to simplify SSL. Later in July, Gunnar gave an insight in tracking tasks with Todoist and the Icinga Director News were announced by Thomas G. July ended up with the announcement of 24/7 Braintower Support by Isabel and Tobi’s video on Apply services and Apply For in the Icinga Director.