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Microsoft and GitHub – merge conflict?

by | Jun 13, 2018 | Development, Virtualisierung, NETWAYS, Kunden, GitLab, Technology, Web Services, Apps

For some time it has become clear that Microsoft is going to take over GitHub. As far as official sources can be trusted, GitHub will stay independent although a new CEO (Nat Friedman) will be introduced after the Microsoft takeover.

This question over GitHub’s future independence has raised a lot of skepticism within the developer community and many are considering moving their projects away from GitHub to a different location.
One alternative in this case could be GitLab. GitLab does not only have an online platform but it can as well be installed on your own hardware. Furthermore, it is an extremely solid piece of Open Source software you can fully rely on. This is also shown by the makers of GitLab themselves as they release updates each month – rolling out bug fixes, security updates and many recommendations regarding the use and configuration of your instance.
For those who would like to have their own GitLab instance, NETWAYS offers two options:
First one is available on our NETWAYS Web Services platform where we offer user-managed, hosted GitLab instances as Community or Enterprise Edition. The user does not need to take care of anything regarding installation or maintenance of his GitLab, but can directly go into production in no time with only a few steps needed. You as a customer are also free to decide for how long you would like to run your instances as any app is monthly callable. Furthermore, we regularly update these container based apps and monitor their health  for you. As a customer, you can register on NWS and try all the apps we offer 30 days for free.
The second product we offer is done by NETWAYS Managed Services which is exactly what it is called: With managed hosting you can get a virtual machine in our cloud or rented hardware running a full GitLab, either as Community or Enterprise Edition. You can choose the underlying ressources and we will do the rest for you, like installation with individual parameters and health monitoring. With managed hosting, our customers also have the choice to go full 24/7 support with “emergency” calls.


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