Monthly Snap August > GitHub, Icinga 2, OSBConf, OSMC, Mac, Cloud Management, SSH, Braintower, Foreman

In August, Johannes Meyer began with an overview of some future Github topics and Lennart continued with part 6 of Icinga 2 Best Practice.
Julia said thank you to our OSBConf Sponsors, while Georg wrote not one, not two, but three articles on simplifying SSL certificates!
Then Alex shared his happiness to be a Mac user now and Dirk reviewed the Foreman Birthday Bash!
On events, Julia announced the program for the Open Source Monitoring Conference, continued with the second reason to join the OSBConf and started the OSMC blog series “Stay tuned!”.
Later in August, Isabel presented the ConiuGo Modem and showed the advantages of the Braintower SMS Gateway.
Towards the end of August, Enrico started a blog series on Cloud Management and Gunnar told us about SSH authentication with GnuPG and smart cards.

Monthly Snap October > Hackathon, Telegram, HW-group, OSBConf, MacOS, Monitoring Windows, Colleagues

Insnsp Oktober, Julia H. bagan with announcing the OSMC-Hackathon while Gunnar told us about speech recognition as a security risk.
Vanessa presented our house for the NETWAYS-Skiseminar 2017 and Markus Frosch gave an insight in Telegram Notifications of Icinga 2.
Isabel followed with new HW-group Updates and Jennifer and Lukas introduced themselves.
Furthermore, Julia H. gave an OSBConf Review and Martin K. showed how to send SMS with a GFI Fax Maker.
Jean explained Monitoring Windows with Icinga 2 an NSCP whereas Thilo demonstrated the Icinga 2 API and BitBar at MacOS.
Finally, Oktober ended up with the announcement oft the last OSMC-tickets.

Monthly Snap May: Docker, Graphite, Opennebula and Beijing

May started with Simons blog post on monitoring custom applications. 
Blerim gave us an insight into Graphite – the history of a data point. Kai, one of our trainees explained what he learned at NETWAYS.
weekly snap
Tobias explained Debugging with Docker and Michael told us something about Docker on OSX.
Kay explained on how to get started with the Opennebula API.
Finally, Christoph told us about his Consulting journey to Beijing.

Vanessa Erk
Vanessa Erk
Head of Finance & Administration

Vanessa ist unser Head of Finance und somit mit ihrem Team für das Geld, Controlling und die Personalverwaltung zuständig. Außerhalb des Büros ist sie sportlich unterwegs und widmet sich hauptsächlich dem Yoga. Auf das offizielle Yoga-Teacher-Training (RYT 200), das sie mit Bravour bestanden hat folgte gleich eine Zusatzausbildung zur Vertiefung ihres Wissens. Ihr Fleiß wird zukünftig wohl noch mehreren älter werdenden NETWAYS´lern zugutekommen.

Monthly Snap February: FOSDEM and CfgMgmtCamp, Icinga 2.3., apprenticechip at Netways, Icinga Config

In February some of our guys took part in FOSDEM and CfgMgmtCamp in Belgium. Dirk was one of them and wrote about camerawhat happened there (in English).
Gunnar gave a preview of the new version of Icinga 2, coming on the 10th of March. He explained some general improvements of the version 2.3.
Our apprentice Marius gave insight to all the things he could learn so far – including setting up the Managed Service Dashboards and the First-Level-Support for our costomers.
Tobias explained three things, every Icinga Config user wants to do with it. Which are: “Naming hosts with paragraphs”, “Using speaking names for Templates” and “Using Unicode characters for services”.

Monthly Snap January: Icinga 2.3., Icinga Web 2 and CfP Backup Conference

In January, we were focusing a lot on all the news that are happening in the Icinga cosmos. Gunnar told us about the new cameraFeatures in Icinga 2.3 like setting conditional statements, the development console or the manipulation of dictionaries with datatypes.
Johannes schmoozed about one of our favorite projects at the moment: a barrier-free version of Icinga Web2.  Alexander followed up the topic with giving some examples on the HTML level for how a barrier-free software works.
Besides all Icinga related news, I gave the starting signal for the Call for papers at Open Sounce Backup Conference on Bareos.