Weekly Snap: OSDC & PuppetCamp Reflections, PSTree & Ceph

weekly snap15 – 19 April was all about OSDC and PuppetCamp, peppered with tools for developers, admins and cheap flights.
Eva reported on the pre-conference workshop, first and second day of the OSDC. Michael chimed in with his discovery at the OSDC that truth is in the logs amongst his other reflections on presentations of the day. Also inspired at the OSDC, Achim took a look at scalable storage with Ceph.
On the next day Dirk got into Puppet Camp, reporting on the first introductory workshop as well as the morning and afternoon presentations.
Meanwhile, Jannis shared a couple small helpers for developers and admins, from PSTree and a chrome network tool to handy Vim commands.
Finally Ronny wondered if handwriting would one day become a disappearing skill, as Birger discovered a new way to book flights – by paying the experts.