Weekly Snap: Heira, HTML Floats Upgraded & Logstash Quick Start

weekly snap6 – 10 October offered guides on Heira, Logstash and the new generation of floats in HTML, plus a few OSDC announcements along the way.
Eva started the week counting 50 days to the OSMC by sharing Alan Robertson’s talk: “Monitoring and Discovery with Limit”.
She went on to announce early bird specials for the OSDC in Berlin coming up in April, and tout the Call for Papers.
Achim then gave a short guide to Hiera, a key value backend for Puppet while Thomas W presented his updated quick start tutorial on Logstash.
Lastly, Marius celebrated “Flexible Box Layout Module” as the neo-“floating” containers in HTML.

Weekly Snap: VM migration & PuppetCamp Dusseldorf Deal

weekly snap29 September – 3 October started a new month with VM migration and much ado about Puppet – from courses to Camps, plus a promo to boot.
Eva started by counting 57 days to the OSMC with Thomas Lehmann’s talk: “Monitoring as the Source of Truth in Deploying a Dynamic Website by Waves.
She went on to share a 25% off promo code for the upcoming Puppet Camp in Dusseldorf, and hurry on interested attendees to get their tickets while they last.
Thilo then compared three methods of migrating virtual machines, as Lennart reported back from his Puppet Architect course in London.

Weekly Snap: OSBConf, Puppet Conf & NSClient++

weekly snap22 – 26 September was packed with events – while driving up to Cologne for the OSBConf and flying down to San Francisco’s Puppet Conf, we managed to squeeze a mini-guide on NSClient++ in between.
Eva started as usual, counting 64 days to the OSMC with Reiko Streng’s presentation on his “Monitoring Environment based on OMD”.
She continued to thank OSBConf 2014 sponsors while Markus reported live from the OSBConf in Cologne with photos and stories galore.
Thomas W too gave his review of the OSBConf, sharing details on the talks ranging from Bareos and Puppet, to Grau OpenArchive and Ceph.
Meanwhile Michael dialed in from San Francisco to share his impressions of the Puppet Conf 2014.
To end the week, Christoph finished up his blog series on NSClient++, adding a post on installation with SSL and gnoMint.

Weekly Snap: DevOps Camp & Icinga 2 Workshop, PuppetDB & Foreman

weekly snap15 – 19 September was filled with sys admin tips and events – looking ahead to the OSMC, and back on the DevOps Camp and Icinga 2 Monitoring Redesigned workshop just past.
Eva started by counting 71 days to the OSMC with Rihards Olups’ talk on Zabbix and Marius G continued by sharing his impressions from the recent DevOps Camp 2014 in Nuremberg.
Meanwhile, Michael gave the lowdown on the Icinga 2 Monitoring Redesigned workshop just past as Markus explained how to make the most of Puppet’s ‘exported resources’ feature with PuppetDB and Foreman.
Finally, Georg introduced three water intrusion sensor systems from our hardware store.

Weekly Snap: Metacircular Evaluator, Puppet Camp Program & Mesos

weekly snap8 – 12 September offered tips for cluster admins, programmers and new RPM packagers, plus news on the events front.
Eva counted 78 days to the OSMC with Páll Sigurdsson’s talk on Adagios, an Icinga / Nagios addon for web configuration.
She went on to announce the program for Puppet Camp Dusseldorf, and our participation and sponsorship of DevOps Camp Nuremberg.
Sebastian then shared his thoughts on the Apache Mesos cluster manager while Jean-Marcel explained the Metacircular Evaluator programming process.
Finally, Dirk continued his series on RPM packaging with a post on useful tools.

Weekly Snap: Puppet Courses, OS Licenses & Starface Compact

weekly snap1 – 5 September offered new Puppet courses, a rundown of open source licenses and a new VoIP telephone system in store.
Eva kicked off the week with the Icinga project’s status update from 2013, counting 85 days to the OSMC.
She went on to announce two new training courses – Puppet Practitioner and Puppet Architect.
Georg followed by introducing the minimalist Starface Compact VoIP telephone system as Alexander navigated the open source license jungle.
Heading into the weekend, Bernd shared a video for fellow addict Twitterers to enjoy, while Lennart recounted his most recent need for a business card.

Weekly Snap: OSBConf, PHP & Puppet Enterprise Installer

weekly snap25 – 29 August got excited about the upcoming OSBConf, the new Puppet Enterprise Installer and hash table keys in PHP.
Eva started the week by counting 92 days to the OSMC with Birger Schmidt’s talk on the Flapjack – Monitoring Notification System.
She followed with a reminder to join next month’s Open Source Backup Conf 2014, as Ronny warned readers about the latest wave of zip file spam.
Johannes then showed how to use objects as hash table keys in PHP and Markus introduced the new Puppet Enterprise Installer.

Weekly Snap: Neon 110 & Coshsh, Confs & Camps in San Francisco

weekly snap18 – 22 August offered an eclectic mix of subjects – from sys admin and handyman tools to configuration generators and analyzers.
On events, Eva counted 99 days to the OSMC with Gerhard Laußer’s talk: ‘Coshsh – Configuration Generation’ while Bernd made plans to join Puppet Conf and Icinga Camp in San Francisco.
Continuing the travel theme, Thomas shared his thoughts on the troubles of flying with and without Swiss army knives as Ronny reflected on the excitement of discovering new sys admin tools.
Lastly, Georg helped bring about a firmware update for the Neon 110 network thermometer and Gunnar offered a peek into a new configuration analyzer for Icinga 2.

Weekly Snap: Galera & Icinga 2 Clusters, Puppet for Tomcat & Nagios

weekly snap11 – 15 August featured clusters, Puppet automation and a new OSMC workshop.
Eva counted 106 days to the OSMC with Bernd and Sasha’s talk on how “Puppet automatically configures Nagios”.
Bernd followed by announcing a new Advanced Windows Monitoring workshop on NSClient++ to be held by Michael Medin at this year’s OSMC.
On clusters, Enrico looked at Galera as Michael gave an update on his work with Icinga 2 cluster vagrant boxes and the various Icinga 2 webinars and training courses.
Finally, Lennart shared his Puppet module for Tomcat installation and configuration.

Weekly Snap: OpenNebula Conf Speakers, PHP SPL Queues & Throttling VMs

weekly snap4 – 8 August started as it ended, with event announcements from OSMC and OpenNebula Conf, complemented by tips on Puppet, virtualisation and PHP.
Eva counted 113 days to the OSMC with Andreas Ericsson’s announcement of his Nagios fork, Naemon.
Sebastian looked at throttling resources on virtual machines as Alexander gave a quick example of how to use PHP SPL Queue.
Lennart followed with a little Puppet tip in the lead up to the Puppet Camp on 16 October in Dusseldorf.
Finally, Eva ended the week by announcing the OpenNebula Conf 2014 program featuring keynote speakers David Lutterkort from Puppet Labs, Armin Deliomini of Runtastic and a host of engineers and developers from the OpenNebula project itself.