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Ask the developer: EventDB for Nagios

von | Apr 24, 2009 | Nagios, Serien

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What is EventDB?
EventDB is an event handler for Nagios which filters traps and logs. It extends on standard Nagios monitoring to check traps and logs for errors from software components and network devices.

How does it work?
Software such as Linux or Windows generate log files and other events that are not machine parsable. EventDB consists of a web interface, a Nagios plugin and a MySQL database, where the events are sent to via adapters such as syslog, SNMP Trap or MS event log.

Then check_eventdb reads these events and reports errors (as specified in configuration) to Nagios. Via the EventDB front end, administrators can acknowledge the events which check_eventdb no longer needs to recognize or report to Nagios in the future.
What do you get in the download?
You get a set of scripts used to store SNMP/syslog/other event based information in a MySQL database. This EventDB package consists of:
* MySQL database structure
* EventDB web front end
* Nagios plugin
* Syslog-ng configuration snippets
How does it compare to other event loggers?
There are similar programs such as Tivoli and OpenView, but these are licensed and relatively expensive. From what I know, it is the only event handler for Nagios which can handle these types of events, work with syslog and MS event logs.
As a developer, what do you love about EventDB?
The fact that it’s so simple. It’s essentially a text filter based on a MySQL database.
EventDB’s simplicity allows it to be practically invulnerable to errors, and being based on such a reliable interface like MySQL, EventDB remains reliably robust.
EventDB in a nutshell?
EventDB is for administrators who require more detailed monitoring than what Nagios offers out of the box.
Monitoring software components is complex but necessary- especially for large environments.
Here an administrator need not write their own checks, they can simply download a pre-packaged event handler for free. It doesn’t get better than that.
More information:
Features & how EventDB works

Join the project or download

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