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5 Years of NETWAYS Web Services

by | Mar 7, 2022 | NETWAYS

Time flies and a company is always moving forward, but today we stop for a moment to look back on the last 5 years and take a walk down memory lane. Today is our 5th anniversary and we are super thrilled to celebrate our birthday! Happy Birthday NWS!

On this day five years ago we officially launched our SaaS platform. Of course, the idea of offering effortless, transparent, fair and GDPR compliant Open Source Applications was born already months before. Back then, we were only offering Icinga, Rocket.Chat and Nextcloud. And now look what we have reached! Managed Kubernetes, Infrastructure as a Service on top of OpenStack and many more valuable apps.

Because it’s our 5th birthday I want to share 5 milestones from the last 5 years:


1. Cloud based on OpenStack

Our working horse is definitely our Cloud Services based on OpenStack! It came to the party one and half years after the initial launch of NWS. The transition from a traditional Managed Service Provider to a Cloud Provider with self-service capabilities was a huge step for us! And today you can run your own VPC, spin up VMs, create individual networks and connect them with routers, consume S3 based and block-storage and even leverage VPN and load balancer as a service!


2. Managed Kubernetes

Choo Choo – here comes the hypetrain! Kubernetes is not hyped for nothing: it’s a masterpiece of modern deployment of applications and managing and configuring infrastructure. Our Managed Kubernetes started in early 2020. Nowadays, we run the latest versions of K8s and support major features such as the creation of nodegroups and autoscaling of those, dynamic Persistent Volumes and Load Balancers backed by our Cloud and many more! Also we are happy to help our customers to kickstart their projects into an Kubernetes environment and guide them on their way of operating it.


3. Jitsi

2 years ago – when the pandemic hit Europe and almost everybody who was able to work from home worked from home – we decided to extend our SaaS-Apps by another great Open Source project perfect for remote work: Jitsi. To make the start into this whole new home office situation a little smoother and easier, we offered a 3 month trial in our #stayathome campaign, to support others working from home and to battle the situation. The demand was intense and up to today a lot of teams and companies are using NWS Jitsi for their daily meetings and One-on-Ones!


4. GPU

Special workloads need special hardware, right? So, to meet our customers’ demands we are proud to offer accelerated GPUs for VMs within our Cloud and Nodes within Managed Kubernetes Clusters. We just released this new hardware a month ago!


5. MyEngineer

Technology and a great platform is nothing without the people! They are our greatest asset!
As an NWS customer, you not only have access to our know-how and experience – you’re also in direct contact with our team of engineers. They take the customers by the hand, give professional advise on architectural decisions, troubleshoot technical problems that occured and operate complete setups. The MyEngineer integration into the NWS platform was done late 2020 and have been greatly appreciated by our customers eversince.


Thank you!

Personally, those last 5 years just flew by! I am stunned and – most of all – proud of what the team has achieved in only 5 years! Thanks to everybody who was engaged in helping and building this platform and of course to our loyal customers! Now, we’ll be celebrating a bit:

#HappyBirthday to us – NWS turns 5 today! 🥳
We're celebrating our fifth anniversary with some cake and muffins!
Thanks to our #team who made NWS what it is today, and thanks to our clients for trusting us! 💜

— NETWAYS Web Services (@NetwaysCloud) March 7, 2022

Sebastian Saemann
Sebastian Saemann
CEO Managed Services

Sebastian kam von einem großen deutschen Hostingprovider zu NETWAYS, weil ihm dort zu langweilig war. Bei uns kann er sich nun besser verwirklichen, denn er leitet das Managed Services Team. Wenn er nicht gerade Cloud-Komponenten patched, versucht er mit seinem Motorrad einen neuen Rundenrekord aufzustellen.


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