Weekly Snap: LinuxTag, Puppet for Corosync & Psycopg2

weekly snap13 – 17 May offered tips on environment monitoring and working with PostgreSQL, a new Puppet-Corosync tool and photo editor as well as an upcoming event.
Eva gave us the heads-up on on LinuxTag in Berlin from 22 – 25 May, where we will be exhibiting and presenting on Icinga, OpenNebula and Puppet.
Lennart then shared his Puppet module for Corosync that enables resource cloning, standard setting and binding to nodes with rule-based distribution, while Georg introduced three hardware solutions for remote environmental monitoring.
Lastly, Eric showed how to make bulk inserts in PosgreSQL with Python’s Psycopg2, and Achim recommended Hugin to stitch multiple photos into a panorama shot.