Weekly Snap: LConf & ACL, OSMC & OSBC Call for Papers

weekly snap5 – 9 May packed in tips for LConf, spreadsheets and streaming clients, three events and Puppet webinar too.
On events, Eva announced our Call for Papers for the Open Source Monitoring Conference and the Open Source Backup Conference, while Bernd headed off to Linux Tag in Berlin.
Christian continued, with a webinar on Puppet and Foreman as Dirk set up restricted user accounts in LConf using ACL.
Finally, Thilo made spread sheet magic with the help of the Ruby Gem, Roo and Marius compared Chromecast, Apple TV and Roku Stick.

Weekly Snap: Screen & SSH, Foreman & Parameterized Classes

weekly snap28 April – 2 May hailed in a new month with sys admin tips galore and a Request Tracker webinar slipped in.
Ronny began the week by sharing his trick to get Screen to work with SSH agent forwarding properly.
Markus then explained parameterized classes in Foreman as Michael showed how simple it is to configure Icinga 2 using the recent 0.0.10 release.
Last but not least, Christian and Marius held a successful webinar on Request Tracker after a technical hiccup.

Weekly Snap: OSDC 2014, Puppet Camp & GnuPG/GPG Best Practices

weekly snap7 – 11 April was OSDC 2014 and PuppetCamp week, with a few GPG best practices and Python musings slipped in.
Eva ended her countdown to the OSDC with Daniel Kirstenpfad’s talk on ‘Why Virtual Development and Testing isn’t Rocket Science’ and thanked all attendees and sponsors in advance. Dirk and Michael then followed with their highlights from the first and second days at the OSDC 2014.
Continuing with events, Christian announced the next round of webinars featuring Request Tracker, Puppet, Bareos and inGraph and Dirk returned with his review of Puppet Camp 2014.
Thomas then gave a comprehensive rundown of GnuPG / GPG best practices as Alexander shared his thoughts on Python 2.4 and RHEL.
Finally, Georg ended the week by introducing the newest addition to our hardware store: HW Group Poseidon2 3266.

Weekly Snap: VMware & FreeBSD, End-to-End Monitoring & Headless

weekly snap31 March – 4 April started a new month with monitoring tips and fun galore, a how-to guide or two, as well as new hardware.
Eva started the week by counting 8 days to the OSDC and sharing Jan Gehring’s talk on “Orchestrating Servers with Rex” as Bernd peddled our last two tickets to the Berlin event.
He also released the ultimate check_netways plugin just in time for April 1st and offered video evidence that we are home to Germany’s most flexible salesman.
Johannes then gave a guide to installing VMware tools on a FreeBSD 6-8 guest while Christoph showed how to set up end-to-end monitoring with Watir WebDriver and Headless.
Christian continued the monitoring theme, reminding interested attendees to join our Icinga Web webinar and Georg announced newcomers to our hardware store: Braintower SMS Gateway S & L with workshops to boot.

Weekly Snap: Webinars & Neon 110, Sflow Traffic & Kibana

weekly snap24 – 28 March was packed with previews for monitoring, graphing and hardware, as well as webinars and an imminent OSDC.
On events, Eva counted 15 days to the OSDC 2014 with Olivier Renault’s ‘Introduction to Hadoop’ as Christian announced our webinar calendar for spring, and jumped straight into  one on Puppet.
Of previews, Sebastian offered insight into a Ruby application we’re working on that graphs Sflow traffic with Elasticsearch and Kibana, while Thomas Icinga Web 2.
Continuing on the monitoring theme, Gunnar showed how he achieved auto-discovery with SNMP in Icinga 2, and Georg introduced the newest product to hit our hardware store: environment-monitoring sensor Neon 110.

Weekly Snap: Colorize, FLOSS UK 2014 & Teltonika USB/E10

weekly snap17 – 21 March took us to the FLOSSUK, shared news from our hardware store and introduced a colourful sys admin tool.
Beginning with events, Eva counted 22 days to the OSDC with Udo Seidel’s presentation on ‘Distributed Storage with GlusterFS’ while Bernd headed off to FLOSS UK 2014 in Brighton to give talks on Icinga and OpenNebula.
Georg sold out of Teltonika USB/E10 modems and Matthias shared Colorize, a tool to colour-code the terminal when working on multiple SSH hosts.

Weekly Snap: CeBIT 2014, LConf 1.4.1 & Spacewalk

weekly snap
10 – 14 March saw a new release of LConf, a preview of Icinga Web 2 and review of Spacewalk all despite the frenzy of a weeklong CeBIT 2014.
Eva counted 29 days to the OSDC with Michael Prokop’s presentation on ‘Continuous Integration in Data Centers’.
She then headed off to CeBIT 2014, and reported back with highlights and photos from the 5-day trade fair.
On the monitoring front, Marius offered a quick preview of Icinga Web 2 and Michael released LConf 1.4.1 with improved Icinga 2 compatibility.
Last but not least, Dirk took a look at Spacewalk for software management.

Weekly Snap: Vagrant & Virtual Box, Puppet Camp Berlin & Ceph Day

weekly snap
3 – 7 March offered events aplenty- from Puppet Camp Berlin and Ceph Day Frankfurt to the OSDC and a webinar on Icinga 2. It was all topped off with a sprinkling of VMs such as Vagrant and Virtual Box.
Eva started the week at 36 days to the OSDC by sharing Ohad Levy’s presentation on ‘Foreman – An Interface for Puppet’. Keeping in theme, she then announced the final program for Puppet Camp Berlin coming in April.
Continuing on events, Christian reminded interested participants to join our webinar on Icinga 2 as Achim shared his impressions of the first German Ceph Day in Frankfurt.
Finally, Michael F configured a multi-instance Vagrant setup to run an Icinga 2 cluster while Markus optimised Virtual Box images to be leaner and faster.