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Officially Opening the Call for Papers for OSMC 2024!

von | Mai 7, 2024 | OSMC

We are pleased to announce that you can now submit your ideas for presentations at OSMC 2024! The event will take place over three days, from November 19 to 21, in Nuremberg. Now is your chance to share your knowledge with our monitoring community! Check out this blog post for all the details you need to know to become a speaker.


Let’s Talk About…

…open source monitoring solutions! That’s the main topic of our conference. But there is much more you can talk about. Here are some ideas that will inspire you.

We’re looking for talks that take an in-depth perspective on technical topics. Whether it’s about new topics, open source projects, technical background or the latest developments, we want to hear about it! We also look forward to presentations on new features, tutorials, real-life stories, best practices and what’s next in the world of monitoring.

You are looking for more ideas?  Just check the presentations from past OSMC events.


Presentation Formats

How much do you want to say? How long do you want to speak? At OSMC, you can choose from three different presentation formats: Ignite Talk, 30-minute talk or 45-minute talk.

Choose the type that suits you best!


Submission Deadline

We’re accepting your presentation idea until August 15. Don’t wait until later – submit your talk now!

If you have any questions about Open Source Monitoring Conference, you can contact our events team at any time.

Katja Kotschenreuther
Katja Kotschenreuther
Manager Marketing

Katja ist seit Oktober 2020 Teil des Marketing Teams. Als Manager Marketing kümmert sie sich hauptsächlich um das Marketing für die Konferenzen stackconf und OSMC sowie unsere Trainings. Zudem unterstützt sie das Icinga Team mit verschiedenen Social Media Kampagnen und der Bewerbung der Icinga Camps. Sie ist SEO-Verantwortliche für all unsere Websites und sehr viel in unserem Blog unterwegs. In ihrer Freizeit reist sie gerne, bastelt, backt und engagiert sich bei Foodsharing. Im Sommer kümmert sie sich außerdem um ihren viel zu großen Gemüseanbau.

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