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Running Icinga in NWS with Slack notifications

von | Apr 18, 2018 | Icinga

Slack notifications through Icinga2. This is what we activated last week for our Icinga2 Master apps on our NWS platform! The feature came highly recommended, so we decided to give it a try. And we did. It really is awesome!!
First of all, I want to show you how it will look like on your side, so have a look at the small demo-video!

To work with this feature, all you need is a Slack workspace and a chatroom for your alerts. once you are done with configuration part, just follow the 7 steps below.

  1. Go to Configuration/Commands in your Icinga2 app
  2. Open command-slack-host/command-slack-service and open the drop-down Custom properties
  3. Fill in the slack_channel you want to use
  4. Fill in the slack_webhook_url (You can get your webhook url from your Slack-account settings)
  5. Create a new user in Configuration/User and add user to the two groups for Slack-Message on critical hosts/services. Also give user the user template user-template in Imports
  6. Add the states you want to receive as a notifications for to the Configuration / User/Contacts / User-template / modify / State and transition type filtersfield
  7. Deploy your changes in the Configuration/Deployments

If you have ideas for more features for our apps, just contact us via email, twitter, facebook or our NWS chat!

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