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stackconf 2023 | Climbing high — getting started with cloud native security through open source

by | Feb 9, 2024 | stackconf

Let us once again immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of the past stackconf 2023, where we were able to experience numerous exciting insights into expert knowledge. In our blog series, we would like to introduce you to the keynote speakers and their captivating presentations. Today we would like to remember Anaïs Urlichs and her inspiring talk on “Climbing high – getting started with cloud native security through open source”.


Take a Glimpse inside:

Anaïs points out that security-specific tools often only come into focus when they are urgently needed or when something bad has happened. While larger companies establish safety teams, many smaller organizations and individuals are left without this resource. The first part of her presentation discusses the parallels between climbing and the need for a safety mindset. Without safety specialists on the team, it could be risky for most cluster administrators, similar to free climbing, which is more suited to experienced experts. In the second part, Anais shows how cloud native security tools such as Trivy can be integrated into existing processes and monitoring systems. The goal is to equip Kubernetes cluster administrators and engineers with the necessary tools and knowledge to ensure the security of their resources without having to be experts in the field themselves.


Let’s have a Look at her Talk:

Get insider knowledge through Anais and watch her presentation.

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Go Get Connected:

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Sebastian Zwing
Sebastian Zwing
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