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stackconf 2023 | Behind the scenes: Another Year of Success!

by | Sep 15, 2023 | stackconf

The curtains have fallen on stackconf 2023, and what a spectacular event it was! Building on the success of the previous year, our two-day conference proved to be an outstanding gathering of tech enthusiasts, professionals, and experts. But what really went on behind the scenes that made stackconf 2023 a memorable experience? Join us as we take a peek behind the scenes to discover the teamwork, delicious treats, dedicated crew, and special moments that made this conference truly exceptional.


Our Stellar Crew 

Teamwork was the name of the game at stackconf 2023. Our dynamic team worked tirelessly to ensure every aspect of the conference ran smoothly. From the marketing gurus, Katja and I, who kept our social media buzzing with updates, to the backbone of the event, Lukas and Markus, who oversaw everything from the check-in counter to the flow of the program. Their dedication was unwavering, and we owe them a huge thanks for making it all happen.

If you want to relive the moments or catch up on what happened during the conference, be sure to follow our Twitter accounts for a treasure trove of memories.


In the Mood for Food

An event organized by NETWAYS is never complete without an array of delectable treats, and stackconf 2023 was no exception. In the break room, attendees mingled and networked while enjoying a mouthwatering spread that included fruits, muffins, cakes, and puff pastries. The delightful food not only satisfied our taste buds but also added to the overall fantastic atmosphere. To be honest, we’re still missing those delicious bites!


Penguin Party

Guess who waddled back into stackconf 2023? That’s right, our adorable feathered friend from B1 Systems, the plush penguin! It seems we just can’t get enough of this fluffy fellow. But B1 Systems didn’t stop at penguin cuddles; they cranked up the coolness with an electrifying twist. Attendees once again had the chance to win an e-scooter in their awesome raffle. Our sponsors were awesome! Big shoutout to all our sponsors for making stackconf 2023 a wild ride!


Berlin is a cool place to be!

stackconf isn’t just about the conference itself; it’s also about the experience of being in Berlin. The vibrant capital city of Germany offers incredible opportunities for sightseeing, whether it’s exploring historical landmarks during the day or soaking in the city’s magical ambiance at night. It’s no wonder that attendees look forward to this added bonus each year.


Huge Thank!

stackconf 2023 was a resounding success, thanks to the dedication of our incredible team, the delicious treats that sweetened our days, the diligent camera crew, the adorable penguin, and the enchanting backdrop of Berlin. We’re grateful to everyone who contributed to making stackconf an unforgettable event.

The positive feedback from attendee,  speakers and sponsors warms our hearts, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for stackconf. In a nutshell, it was another blast! Stay tuned for more exciting updates, and we look forward to meeting many of you at stackconf 2024!


Ingrida Leskova
Ingrida Leskova
Marketing Specialist

Ingrida ist seit Mai 2023 im NETWAYS Marketingteam tätig. Sie hat vor kurzem ihr Masterstudium in Marketing Management abgeschlossen und unterstützt uns als Marketing-Spezialistin mit ihrem Wissen in den Bereichen Marketing-Konzeption, Online-Marketing und Branding. Ingrida kann sich fließend in vier Sprachen unterhalten und in zwei weiteren Sprachen auf fortgeschrittenem Niveau. In ihrer Freizeit geht sie gerne schwimmen und bei schönem Wetter wandern oder Inline-Skates fahren. Sie liebt internationale Küche und probiert gern neue Rezepte aus.


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