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stackconf online 2021 | Spot the Anti-Pattern

by | Aug 10, 2021 | stackconf

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stackconf online 2021 is over and was a full success. It was all about open source infrastructure solutions in the spectrum of continuous integration, container, hybrid and cloud technologies. We’re still excited about all of our experts sessions and the large number of participants who joined us from all over the world. In the following you get an insight about one of our talks.

Arushi Jain, a senior software engineer at Reddit, talked about anti-pattern in her speech at stackconf 2021.

The talk on “Spot the Anti-Pattern” dives deep into the study of anti-patterns. How it helps to create a common language and focus the stakeholders on it. It helps to analyse the past and find out how to interrupt the patterns in the future to avoid the same mistakes. The presence of anti-patterns and how to find one, this information is properly communicated, such as a commonly implemented practice with negative effects when used in varying degrees of severity.  A common example of an anti-pattern is the fart system at work. Every system needs an upgrade after time and a variety of frameworks to develop the concerns and the need to show continuous upgrades.  To develop a solution for any kind of anti-pattern, the one common thing is to analyse the record consisting of a particular volume to find out the pattern and then work towards the alternative things to design a better way. 

Anti-patterns can be identified in almost everything and architectural and some micro-organisational examples that occur in everyday life were discussed. The follow up work is to keep all stakeholders informed and then have meaningful conversations to identify the counter plan by collecting the data and identifying the root cause. It also takes a team effort to identify the counter pattern and then work on the solution because nothing will happen in one go. Some patterns are complex and require multi-layered iteration to address.

About Patterns and Anti-Patterns

Following are some questions and answers that summarise the subject:

What is a pattern? 

A pattern is a general repeatable solution to a commonly occurring problem.

What is an anti-pattern? 

An anti-pattern is a common response to a recurring problem that is usually ineffective and risks being highly counterproductive.

Note the reference to “a common response”. Anti-patterns are not occasional mistakes, they are common ones, and are nearly always followed with good intentions.

Why anti-patterns exist? 

Patterns exist because humans are flawed thinkers. Cognitive bias is a systemic error in thinking that occurs when people process and interpret information from their environment and then use that information to influence the decisions and judgements they make.

How can you identify an anti-pattern?

Identify human conflict.

Incomprehensible systems are a sign.

Look for teams who are constantly behind.

More from and about stackconf

stackconf 2022 will take place in Berlin. The final date will be announced soon. If you want to learn more about infrastructure solutions in advance you have the possibility to take look at our archive where you can find all slides and videos from this year’s stackconf.

Stay tuned!

Sukhwinder Dhillon
Sukhwinder Dhillon

Sukhwinder hat 2021 seine Ausbildung als Fachinformatiker für Anwendungsentwicklung bei NETWAYS erfolgreich abgeschlossen. In seiner Freizeit fährt er gerne Fahrrad, trifft sich mit Freunden, geht Joggen oder sitzt vorm Computer und lernt etwas Neues.


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