buw_logoOctober 2009: When Bormann und Wulf from BuW first looked into Nagios they were looking for a quick and easy solution, out of the box. Upon meeting NETWAYS however, they decided against an appliance which promised plug and play monitoring for flexibility and independence in customization. After a streamline consulting visit from William to assist in system conception, the team at BuW were on their own till just this month.
They came this time to NETWAYS with a standard request – extend Nagios and quickly please. And this is what they got. Birger’s visit was short and smooth with all bases covered. From monitoring their Oracle and SAP clusters to AIX and installing EventDB and SNMP Trap Translator, all were integrated into a monitoring solution without a glitch.
The record speed project however, was only possible thanks to the fantastic coordination of the team at BuW. Upon Birger’s entrance to their Nagios scene, BuW already had good Debian foundations, an installed Oracle client, access rights and users set, as well as checks in CCMS for SAP fixed. With both sides well prepared, the entire project was achieved as fast as if it came straight out of the box.