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stackconf 2023 | Behind the scenes: Another Year of Success!

The curtains have fallen on stackconf 2023, and what a spectacular event it was! Building on the success of the previous year, our two-day conference proved to be an outstanding gathering of tech enthusiasts, professionals, and experts. But what really went on behind the scenes that made stackconf 2023 a memorable experience? Join us as we take a peek behind the scenes to discover the teamwork, delicious treats, dedicated crew, and special moments that made this conference truly exceptional.


Our Stellar Crew 

Teamwork was the name of the game at stackconf 2023. Our dynamic team worked tirelessly to ensure every aspect of the conference ran smoothly. From the marketing gurus, Katja and I, who kept our social media buzzing with updates, to the backbone of the event, Lukas and Markus, who oversaw everything from the check-in counter to the flow of the program. Their dedication was unwavering, and we owe them a huge thanks for making it all happen.

If you want to relive the moments or catch up on what happened during the conference, be sure to follow our Twitter accounts for a treasure trove of memories.


In the Mood for Food

An event organized by NETWAYS is never complete without an array of delectable treats, and stackconf 2023 was no exception. In the break room, attendees mingled and networked while enjoying a mouthwatering spread that included fruits, muffins, cakes, and puff pastries. The delightful food not only satisfied our taste buds but also added to the overall fantastic atmosphere. To be honest, we’re still missing those delicious bites!


Penguin Party

Guess who waddled back into stackconf 2023? That’s right, our adorable feathered friend from B1 Systems, the plush penguin! It seems we just can’t get enough of this fluffy fellow. But B1 Systems didn’t stop at penguin cuddles; they cranked up the coolness with an electrifying twist. Attendees once again had the chance to win an e-scooter in their awesome raffle. Our sponsors were awesome! Big shoutout to all our sponsors for making stackconf 2023 a wild ride!


Berlin is a cool place to be!

stackconf isn’t just about the conference itself; it’s also about the experience of being in Berlin. The vibrant capital city of Germany offers incredible opportunities for sightseeing, whether it’s exploring historical landmarks during the day or soaking in the city’s magical ambiance at night. It’s no wonder that attendees look forward to this added bonus each year.


Huge Thank!

stackconf 2023 was a resounding success, thanks to the dedication of our incredible team, the delicious treats that sweetened our days, the diligent camera crew, the adorable penguin, and the enchanting backdrop of Berlin. We’re grateful to everyone who contributed to making stackconf an unforgettable event.

The positive feedback from attendee,  speakers and sponsors warms our hearts, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for stackconf. In a nutshell, it was another blast! Stay tuned for more exciting updates, and we look forward to meeting many of you at stackconf 2024!


Ingrida Leskova
Ingrida Leskova
Marketing Specialist

Ingrida ist seit Mai 2023 im NETWAYS Marketingteam tätig. Sie hat vor kurzem ihr Masterstudium in Marketing Management abgeschlossen und unterstützt uns als Marketing-Spezialistin mit ihrem Wissen in den Bereichen Marketing-Konzeption, Online-Marketing und Branding. Ingrida kann sich fließend in vier Sprachen unterhalten und in zwei weiteren Sprachen auf fortgeschrittenem Niveau. In ihrer Freizeit geht sie gerne schwimmen und bei schönem Wetter wandern oder Inline-Skates fahren. Sie liebt internationale Küche und probiert gern neue Rezepte aus.

stackconf 2023 | Recap Day 2

After a fun evening event filled with drinks, socializing, and even some roulette, hopefully everyone got some rest. Once that first cup of coffee kicked in, the attendees were ready to dive into the second day’s talks at stackconf 2023.


Let the Talks get started!

The first session in room Friedrichshain III of the hotel “NH Berlin Alexanderplatz” was held by Nicolas Fränkel, who works for Apache APISIX. He introduced the audience to the fundamentals of Observability in distributed microservice systems, which build on the three pillars of logging, metrics, and tracing. He showcased the OpenTelemetry framework, which has become a standard in the industry. As an example, he ran a webshop application programmed in Kotlin and showed the traces of HTTP requests visualized in Jaeger. He also briefly addressed how the OpenTelemetry libraries can be used in other programming languages like Rust or PHP.

Next up was Andrei Pokhilko of Komodor. He talked about the different network protocols used in microservice architecture and how to tune them for better performance. He mentioned some shortcomings of old, established protocols like HTTP/1.1 and the advantages of HTTP/2 or even the brand new HTTP/3. He showed some compelling results from comparisons of different protocols.

After that, Sayan Mondal of Harness took the stage. He is one of the maintainers of the CNCF incubating project LitmusChaos which he presented in a nice demo. LitmusChaos is a chaos enginneering platform that you can use to make your systems more resilient. The web interface is very intuitive. Check it out at https://litmuschaos.io/.

The last talk before the lunch break was held by Phil Williams of Canonical. He made an estimation of the cost of a  Ceph cluster running in a public cloud compared to a ceph cluster running on premise on your own hardware. The on-premise cluster costs 50% less in this estimation. At least for big ceph clusters (more than 1 Petabyte), Phil recommended running them on your own hardware.

Then the conference attendees sat down in the dining room to enjoy lunch. As on the first day, there were interesting ignite talks right after the lunch break. At the time of the writing of this blogpost the last talks were held, and the attendees were preparing to make their way back home.


It was a Blast!

As stackconf 2023 comes to a close, we’re grateful for the engaging talks and discussions on day two. We hope you leave with new insights and connections.

Thanks for being a part of stackconf 2023. Safe travels to all visitors, stay curious, and we’ll see you next year!


Dominik Seidel
Dominik Seidel
Systems Engineer

Dominik hat seine Ausbildung zum Fachinformatiker bei NETWAYS im Jahr 2021 abgeschlossen und arbeitet seitdem im Team "Web Services". Dort ist er mit der Betreuung und Weiterentwicklung der Plattform NETWAYS Web Services beschäftigt. In seiner Freizeit geht er gerne Wandern, macht Sport oder spielt Gitarre.

stackconf 2023 – Recap Day 1

We’re back again with two exciting days of knowledge-sharing, networking, and insightful conversations. This year, stackconf found its home in the vibrant city of Berlin, and it’s a pleasure to be back! Bernd set the tone for the event by extending a warm welcome to our eager attendees, ready to dive into the thought-provoking talks lined up for the conference. With both familiar faces and newcomers among our speakers, this year’s event promises fresh perspectives and engaging discussions.

Here are a few of the talks that stood out for me today. You can find the other presentations from our speakers and their profiles on our homepage or in the event app.


Scaling a Collaboration Service like Nextcloud to 20 Million users with Frank Karlitschek.

The day began with a captivating talk by Frank on the exciting world of Nextcloud AI. Frank gave us a sneak peek into the next update, highlighting the seamless integration of AI tools. What’s unique about this integration is that it’s localized on your server, keeping your data secure. Frank’s talk covered a range of applications, from writing headlines and summarizing emails to generating images and transcribing speech to text. The promise of a Nextcloud assistant AI on the horizon adds to the anticipation of what’s to come.


Open-Source: Open Choice – A DevOps Guide for OSS Adoption with Hila Fish

The second talk addressed a common challenge for many, selecting the right open-source project for their environment. Hila shed light on the DevOps perspective of open-source, emphasizing the importance of aligning an OSS project with your specific needs and pain points. With practical advice and insights, the talk guided attendees on how to evaluate key indicators and make informed choices, saving valuable time and resources.


Acknowledging Our Sponsors

Before we continue, we’d like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our generous sponsors. Their support has been instrumental in making this conference possible. We truly appreciate their contributions, and their commitment to our community is invaluable. Thank you!


GitOps in Kubernetes with Alex Soco.

Alex’s presentation talked about a popular open-source GitOps Kubernetes Operator, ArgoCD. He explained how ArgoCD leverages the GitOps pattern to define application states through Git repositories. This simplifies Kubernetes management by automatically syncing Kubernetes manifests to target clusters, ensuring they remain in the desired state. It’s a valuable tool for streamlining Kubernetes operations.



As the day drew to a close, attendees not only had their minds enriched with knowledge but also their appetites satisfied with sumptuous food. The quality of the speakers left everyone looking forward to the rest of the conference. But that’s not all; the evening event promises to be a memorable one, featuring our renowned party with roulette—a fantastic opportunity for networking, relaxation, and fun.


In Berlin, we’re not just about sharing insights; we’re also about creating lasting memories. Stay tuned for more updates from the Berlin conference as we continue our journey of discovery, learning, and celebration.



Andrew Constant
Andrew Constant
Systems Engineer

Andrew ist der NETWAYS Familie 2020 beigetreten und hat seine Ausbildung zum Fachinformatiker für Systemintegration im Bereich der NETWAYS Web Services erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Der ehemalige Fremdsprachenkorrespondent und aus Northamptonshire stammende Engländer besticht durch seinen Humor und ergänzt das Team sehr gut. Er liebt es, in verschiedene Bereiche einzutauchen und dabei neue Dinge zu lernen. Eine seiner Lieblingsbeschäftigungen ist das Kochen, denn dabei kann er kreativ sein und mit verschiedenen Geschmacksrichtungen und Zutaten experimentieren. Außerdem reist er gerne und arbeitet daran, fließend Spanisch zu sprechen. Andrew versteht sich selbst als lebenslang Lernenden.

stackconf 2023 | Excitement is in the Air!

Are you ready to dive headfirst into the world of cutting-edge cloud native infrastructure solutions? The wait is finally over as the highly anticipated stackconf 2023 is set to begin tomorrow!

Hello Berlin!

Yesterday, Katja and Lukas took their packed car and drove to the venue of stackconf 2023. After a long, sunny and safe journey they arrived in Berlin. Their excitement is at its peak as they can’t wait for the event to finally start. So, they relaxed and enjoyed the summer evening before starting to set up the conference tomorrow.



Don’t be shy and say Hi!

The first step to an amazing stackconf experience is checking in. We’ve opened our counter in the afternoon and were thrilled about the big amount of attendees that have already checked-in and said “Hello”. We also look forward to welcoming the rest of our participants tomorrow morning from 8 – 9 AM! So, make sure to check-in and grab your badge before the welcoming session starts at 9 AM! PS: You can visit our booth at any time in case you have any questions – or want some sweets. 😉



The Welcome Dinner

Some of our attendees are already enjoying our wonderful Welcome Dinner at the conference venue. It’s time for good food and even better conversations before the conference will start tomorrow. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded attendees, network and socialize.

In case you will arrive tomorrow, you can look forward to our Evening Event where you can wind down the evening of the first conference day in a relaxed atmosphere after a day full of interesting talks and discussions.



Last Chance for Tickets!

You don’t live far away or even come from Berlin and you’d like to also join us at stackconf from tomorrow on? Great! Our tickets are still on sale and you can grab yours today and attend the event spontaneously. Just check out our ticket website. The price includes attendance at all presentations, refreshments during the morning and afternoon breaks, lunch on both conference days incl. softdrinks, dinner & drinks event on the first conference day.



Katja Kotschenreuther
Katja Kotschenreuther
Manager Marketing

Katja ist seit Oktober 2020 Teil des Marketing Teams. Als Manager Marketing kümmert sie sich hauptsächlich um das Marketing für die Konferenzen stackconf und OSMC sowie unsere Trainings. Zudem unterstützt sie das Icinga Team mit verschiedenen Social Media Kampagnen und der Bewerbung der Icinga Camps. Sie ist SEO-Verantwortliche für all unsere Websites und sehr viel in unserem Blog unterwegs. In ihrer Freizeit reist sie gerne, bastelt, backt und engagiert sich bei Foodsharing. Im Sommer kümmert sie sich außerdem um ihren viel zu großen Gemüseanbau.

Get Ready for stackconf 2023!

The countdown for stackconf 2023 has officially begun! In just two weeks, from September 13-14, we will finally meet in Berlin. stackconf is more than just a conference – it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the latest trends, breakthroughs, and ideas that are shaping the future of technology.

Today I will show you how to make the most out of stackconf 2023.


Plan your Schedule

First things first, take a close look at the conference agenda. With more than 30 speaker sessions lined up, you’ll want to plan your personal schedule in advance to make sure you don’t miss out on any must-attend sessions.


Download the App

Make sure to get our conference app. It’s for free and called “Eventee”. Besides having your individual agenda in view, it also allows you to connect with other attendees. You will be automatically informed regarding the latest news, important information, and possible program changes.

Eventee – App Store

Eventee – Google Play Store


Engage on Social Media

Join the conversation on social media using the official event hashtag, called #stackconf. Engaging with others online before and during the conference can help you establish connections in advance and keep you in the loop with real-time updates. Also, make sure to follow our NETWAYS Events Twitter channel. All the highlights as well as important information will be published here.


Embrace an Open Mindset

stackconf is all about innovation and pushing boundaries. Approach the conference with an open and curious mindset, ready to absorb new ideas and challenge your existing perspectives.


Prepare your Questions

Come armed with questions and curiosities. stackconf provides a unique chance to interact with speakers and thought leaders directly. Don’t be afraid to engage in Q&A sessions or approach speakers after their talks to dive deeper into the topics they’ve covered.


Party and Community

Join us in unwinding after a day of engaging talks and discussions at our relaxed evening event.  Enjoy a laid-back atmosphere with great food and drinks. Engage with IT experts, discuss current trends, and exchange ideas.

Feeling adventurous? Try your luck at our roulette table for a chance to win exciting prizes. Join the fun and see if luck is on your side, or simply enjoy the company of others.


Long Weekend in Berlin?

For all of you who are taking an extended weekend after stackconf, here’s a list of some must-see sights:

  • Brandenburg Gate
  • German Bundestag
  • Berlin TV Tower
  • Berlin Cathedral
  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
  • East Side Gallery
  • Checkpoint Charlie


Get your Ticket and off you go

In case you haven’t saved your seat yet, you can still do so. Please note: Our tickets, including overnight stays are limited. Make sure to get your ticket now and plan your trip to Berlin!


We’re looking forward to welcoming everybody in two weeks. If you have any questions about this year’s edition of stackconf, feel free to contact our Events Team at any time! We’d love to hear from you!

Katja Kotschenreuther
Katja Kotschenreuther
Manager Marketing

Katja ist seit Oktober 2020 Teil des Marketing Teams. Als Manager Marketing kümmert sie sich hauptsächlich um das Marketing für die Konferenzen stackconf und OSMC sowie unsere Trainings. Zudem unterstützt sie das Icinga Team mit verschiedenen Social Media Kampagnen und der Bewerbung der Icinga Camps. Sie ist SEO-Verantwortliche für all unsere Websites und sehr viel in unserem Blog unterwegs. In ihrer Freizeit reist sie gerne, bastelt, backt und engagiert sich bei Foodsharing. Im Sommer kümmert sie sich außerdem um ihren viel zu großen Gemüseanbau.