OSMC 2014: Der Countdown läuft – nur noch 1 Tag

Nur noch ein Mal nicht schlafen, dann ist endlich wieder OSMC! Fernando Hönig läutet die schönste Zeit des Konferenzjahres mit Distributed Monitoring and Cloud Scaling for Web Apps ein.

OSMC? Was soll das denn sein und wer sind die netten Menschen in diesen Videos?Die Open Source Monitoring Conference (kurz: OSMC) ist die internationale Plattform für alle an Open Source Monitoring Lösungen Interessierten, speziell Nagios und Icinga. Jedes Jahr gibt es hier die Möglichkeit sein Wissen über freie Monitoringsysteme zu erweitern und sich mit anderen Anwendern auszutauschen. Die Konferenz richtet sich besonders an IT-Verantwortliche aus den Bereichen System- und Netzwerkadministration, Entwicklung und IT-Management. Und die netten Menschen, die Ihr in unseren Videos zur OSMC seht, gehören dazu. 2014 wird die OSMC zum 9. Mal in Nürnberg stattfinden.

Weekly Snap: Web Apps for Mobile Devices and OSMC preparations

19 – 23 July was dedicated to web apps for mobile devices in development and testing, with a look to OSMC preparations underway.
To begin, Bernd Erk offered two lesser known tools to developers to test their applications on mobile devices- Apple Safari’s developer menu for testing without a physical mobile device and TestiPhone.com to show how sites will appear for the iPhone online.
Continuing with the theme, Janis pondered on the advantages of web apps for mobile devices. With HTML5 offering ever more features, he considered the only problem to be its absence of libraries. Here an open source web framework called Sencha Touch can fill this gap, offering tools to give web apps the look and feel of native apps. Other pros are that no special SDKs, platform specific code or local installation are needed. Indeed the trend towards opening hardware interfaces for browsers such as WebGL, Geolocation API and WebSockets means the future for mobile web apps is bright.
Finally Manuela gave us an update on the progress of OSMC (Open Source Monitoring Conference on Nagios) preparations and ticket status. A few speakers are already in the line up: Dr. Johannes Mainusch, XING AG with “The social seismograph – I just love monitoring at Xing”, Dr. Hendrik Schöttle on “Legal Pitfalls in corporate use of own and third party (OSS) software from the perspective of licensor and licensee”, Sven Velt will head a Nagios workshop for beginners and the Icinga team will offer insight into Icinga Development. An intensive day long workshop on the conference eve will also be offered for the first time, on “Nagios SLA reports with Jasper” to be lead by Bernd Erk. Interested speakers are welcome to submit their ideas to our Call for Papers and interested participants can register or find more info at www.netways.de/osmc. With one third of places already sold, those who hope to partake will need to get in quick.