Weekly Snap: Epic Perl, OpenNebula & HTML5

2 – 6 January kicked off 2012 with open cloud plans, an epic tool for Perl and a peek into the world of HTML5.
Sebastian started the New Year with new challenges for the Managed Services team – to design and implement a private cloud for internal and client use. OpenNebula, the open source cloud framework was the tool of choice, thanks to its flexibility, scalability, customizability and stability. Various hypervisors can be used and combined, such as KVM, XEN, VMWare and even container-based solutions like LXC. OpenNebula also offers flexibility in storage and repository, which can be local on individual hosts, or shared with NFS, GFS , OCFS2 iscsi, etc., or even on clustered LVM. Stay tuned for more open cloud posts on the blog, or join this year’s Open Source Data Center Conference where Constantino Vazquez Blanco of OpenNebula will present and run an intensive workshop.
Meanwhile Johannes got excited about HTML5, and more specifically about the classList API from html5demos.com. Sharing a snippet of script, he let the code speak for itself.
Christoph continued his journey into Perl plugin programming with a look at the EPIC extension for Eclipse. Better known for Java and C/C++, EPIC happens to also offer a Perl IDE. He listed some of its features such as syntax highlighting and validation, debugging, regex testing and auto-complete. Get the source code off Sourceforge or download direct off the Eclipse homepage. Installation is simplified with the Eclipse Update Manager and ‘http://e-p-i-c.sf.net/updates/testing’.