Weekly Snap: Logstash with Windows, MySQL Cheat Sheet & OpenNebula Retina

weekly snap17 – 21 February offered advice for every corner of the data center, from cloud, firewall and even log file management, to monitoring hardware and MySQL commands.
Starting with events, Eva counted 50 days to the OSDC with Lindsay Holmwood’s talk “Ript: Making Linux Firewall Change Management Resilient” while Christian posted a reminder to join our Logstash webinar.
Thomas followed on topic with his quick guide to using Logstash with Windows as Sebastian upgraded the in-house cloud to OpenNebula v4.4 (Retina).
Our hardware guy Georg then introduced a couple environment monitoring solutions from HW Group, AKCP and Gude.
To end the week, Tobias shared his MySQL cheat sheet while Johannes embarked on a Dunnet adventure with shovel in hand.

Weekly Snap: NETRP, Puppet Starter Pack & Environment Monitoring

weekly snap17 – 21 June was packed with Wireshark, git and environment monitoring tips, a new Puppet support deal and software release to boot.
Matthias released NETRP our first Netways Resource Planner, which began as an internal project and is now free for all under GPLv3.
Following on, Christian announced our newest support ‘starter packs’ for the Puppet configuration management system, including onsite implementation and staff training.
At 127 days, Eva continued her countdown to the OSMC 2013 with Carsten John’s presentation on “Environmental Monitoring in Practice”.
On topic, Georg offered an HWg-STE solution to data centre environment monitoring while Gunnar analysed MySQL queries with Wireshark.
Lastly, Achim introduced git hooks as Julian shared a snippet on Microsoft’s disclosure of their software vulnerabilities to American secret services.

Weekly Snap: JavaScript Memory Leaks, Environment Monitoring & Spam Filtering

27 – 31 August offered hardware advice, tips for developers and sys admins as well as workshop spots at the OSMC 2012.
Eva counted 51 days down to the OSMC 2012 with Tobias Redel’s presentation on the “Nagios Addon: LConf”. She went on to pitch the Icinga workshop on the conference eve, where a couple places are still free.
In the meantime, Georg gave us his tips for environment monitoring and SMS alerts, Marcus resolved a problem with false positive spam filters, and Jannis located JavaScript memory leaks with Chrome.