Weekly Snap: CeBIT 2014, LConf 1.4.1 & Spacewalk

weekly snap
10 – 14 March saw a new release of LConf, a preview of Icinga Web 2 and review of Spacewalk all despite the frenzy of a weeklong CeBIT 2014.
Eva counted 29 days to the OSDC with Michael Prokop’s presentation on ‘Continuous Integration in Data Centers’.
She then headed off to CeBIT 2014, and reported back with highlights and photos from the 5-day trade fair.
On the monitoring front, Marius offered a quick preview of Icinga Web 2 and Michael released LConf 1.4.1 with improved Icinga 2 compatibility.
Last but not least, Dirk took a look at Spacewalk for software management.

Weekly Snap: CeBIT 2014, Csync & CLI

weekly snap3 – 7 February was packed with upcoming and past events, webinars and training courses, and much ado about monitoring.
Eva counted 64 days to the OSDC with Constantino Vázquez’s talk: ‘The OpenNebula Cloud Platform for Data Center Virtualisation”, and announced the coordinates of our stand at CeBIT 2014.
Christian continued on events to introduce our first 3 webinars of the year as Thomas W reflected on our first Logastash training course.
On monitoring, Bernd compared Icinga, Nagios, Naemon, OMD, Check_MK and Shinken while Thomas G took a peek into the wonderful world of Icinga Web 2 CLI.
Finally, Matthias recommended Csync to synchronise folders in a network and Stephanie shared stories and snaps from the recent NETWAYS ski trip no. 2.

Weekly Snap: Calibre for eBooks & Netways at CeBIT 2014

weekly snap6 – 10 January was a quick week, featuring two upcoming events and an eBook tip.
Eva counted 92 days to the OSDC with Schlomo Schapiro’s presentation on ‘Configuration Management and Linux Packages’ and heralded the coming of CeBIT 2014 where we will be exhibiting with Puppet Labs.
Meanwhile, Christoph played with his new Kindle and recommended a useful eBook converter called Calibre along the way.