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stackconf 2023 | What the Heck is Edge Computing Anyway?

von | Mai 31, 2024 | stackconf

To conclude our series of insights into the presentations of stackconf 2023, we present Austin Gil. Austin spoke about the exciting topic „What the Heck is Edge Computing Anyway?“.


Have a Short Recap to his Presentation:


„Edge“ computing marks the new frontier of possibilities in the field of data processing. Austin discusses the promises, opportunities, and challenges it offers. He explains what the technology is, why it is impressive and how the application architecture can be integrated. He also sheds light on the benefits, limitations and practicality, as well as first steps for edge computing in the enterprise.



Watch Austin’s Talk:

Take the opportunity to get extensive information from Austin’s slides and his presentation video.

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Sebastian Zwing
Sebastian Zwing
Marketing Specialist

Sebastian verstärkt seit November 2023 unser Marketingteam. Als Marketing Specialist wird er die Kommunikation der NETWAYS GmbH weiter mit ausbauen und neue Ideen einbringen. Seine Freizeit verbringt Sebastian gerne auf Reisen, als Hobbykoch in der Küche oder am Grill, an der frischen Luft, an und auf dem Wasser, oder auf dem Zweirad.

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