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OSMC 2023 | Dive into our Conference Timetable

von | Sep 8, 2023 | OSMC

As OSMC 2023 draws nearer, we are thrilled to reveal that the conference program has been finalized! Anticipate two days filled with a grand total of 34 lecture sessions conducted by renowned experts in the open source field. This year’s edition of the event is complemented by four outstanding workshops! Doesn’t that sound absolutely fantastic?


Spoiler Alert!

Here are some of our amazing speakers joining this year’s OSMC:


DevOps transformation: Introducing Incident Management and maximizing Monitoring value

In this session Olena and her colleague Uwe Zymelka will talk about Incident Management and Incident Response topics as a part of DevOps transformation. You will learn how to get more value out of monitoring your services and how to train, lead and support your teams to improve their incident response and introduce on-call. They will share their first-hand experience and best practices gathered within two years with over 40 platform and product teams.



Large-scale logging made easy

Logging at scale can be a significant burden in terms of infrastructure costs and operational headaches. Despite its universal need, there is no universally perfect or straightforward solution. Aliaksandr, after extensive research on popular logging systems, has devised a comprehensive solution tailored for SREs, DevOps, and system engineers. This solution efficiently collects logs from various sources, stores them in a highly optimized log database, and supports lightning-fast queries. It seamlessly integrates with essential tools like jq, awk, cut, and others, making it an ideal choice for providing a logging platform across an entire organization or team.




Alert analytics

At Cloudflare, Monika and her team use Prometheus heavily. They have point-of-presence in more than 275+ number of cities, and each point-of-presence has their own Prometheus instance. All these Prometheus instances send alerts to a central Alertmanager, and with various integrations in place, they efficiently route these alerts for timely response and analysis. Additionally, all alerts are also stored in a dedicated datastore for comprehensive alert analytics, ensuring that they continuously improve their systems‘ performance and reliability.




Best Practices for Secure Coding, Risk Scanning, and Ethical Disclosure in Open-Source

Shodipo discusses best practices for securing open-source projects, focusing on code security, vulnerability detection, and ethical disclosure. He’ll cover writing secure code, ongoing vulnerability monitoring, and clear disclosure policies. The aim is for developers to enhance open-source project security and leave with valuable insights. By the end of the lecture, you will gain insights on safeguarding open-source projects and be better equipped to contribute to a secure open-source community.



Train your Brain!

Get the most out of your OSMC experience by attending one of our hands-on workshops! They will be held on the first day, on November 7th. To provide personalized attention and effective training, we have limited the number of participants.

You can choose between “Understanding Git & GitLab”, “Monitoring mit Telegraf & Influx”, “Extending Icinga Web” and “ArgoCD with Kubernetes”.

So, choose your favorite topic and save your workshop spot!


Get your Ticket!

Save your seat at OSMC 2023 and get your ticket now! Book your OSMC experience according to your individual preference. Choose between three types of conference passes. Want to additionally participate in one of our hands-on workshops? Let’s go!



Katja Kotschenreuther
Katja Kotschenreuther
Manager Marketing

Katja ist seit Oktober 2020 Teil des Marketing Teams. Als Manager Marketing kümmert sie sich hauptsächlich um das Marketing für die Konferenzen stackconf und OSMC sowie unsere Trainings. Zudem unterstützt sie das Icinga Team mit verschiedenen Social Media Kampagnen und der Bewerbung der Icinga Camps. Sie ist SEO-Verantwortliche für all unsere Websites und sehr viel in unserem Blog unterwegs. In ihrer Freizeit reist sie gerne, bastelt, backt und engagiert sich bei Foodsharing. Im Sommer kümmert sie sich außerdem um ihren viel zu großen Gemüseanbau.

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