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stackconf 2023 | The Line-Up

von | Jun 6, 2023 | stackconf

In just three months the wait will finally be over! We’re thrilled to announce that our preparations for stackconf 2023 are in full swing. Today we’re excited to introduce some of our confirmed speakers who will be joining us in Berlin this year.


Check out our Speakers Line-Up!

Climbing high — getting started with cloud native security through open source – by Anaïs Urlichs

In this talk, Anais emphasizes the importance of a security-centric mindset and explores the challenges faced by organizations without dedicated security teams. The second part of the talk focuses on security-specific tools in the cloud native ecosystem, with a live demo showcasing the benefits of integrating tools like Trivy into existing processes, empowering Kubernetes cluster admins and engineers to secure their resources without extensive security expertise.


Measuring Reliability in Production – by Thomas Voß

Measuring Reliability in Production uses an example application to describe how to define SLIs and SLOs. It includes an overview of application architecture, a how-to for developing SLOs, and suggestions for implementing SLOs in Cloud Operations. There’s also a focus on how to identify CUJs (Critical User Journeys) and recommendations for implementing metrics to use as SLI and SLO targets.



Cooking up o11y w/ Feature Flagging – by Alayshia Knighten

Combining feature flags with observability provides a powerful and enhanced version of both. It enables real-time insights into the inner workings of complex systems, as well as the ability to understand the impact of code changes on different users, apps, or groups in great detail. This combination offers the best and easiest way to gain a comprehensive understanding of your systems.



Cloud Transformations Strategies – From Adoption to Cost Optimisation – by Sri Rang

Sri Rang’s talk is targeted for C-level executives, engineering leaders, and architects. It covers strategies for successful cloud transformation, including adoption, developer self-service, infra-as-code, and cost optimization through FinOps. By implementing these strategies, organizations can maximize cloud benefits and achieve long-term success. Stay informed and position your organization for success by learning from industry experts.


What to Expect

As we prepare for stackconf 2023, we are thrilled to have gathered a lineup of esteemed speakers joining us to share their knowledge and expertise. Their sessions promise to deliver valuable insights, practical tips, and thought-provoking discussions for all attendees. We are confident that this year’s conference will provide a unique platform for learning, networking, and discovering the latest trends in open-source infrastructure and the modern IT stack.

But that’s not all! Tickets for stackconf 2023 are available for purchase. Secure your spot and be a part of this exceptional event. Save the date and mark your calendars for September 13 & 14 in Berlin. It´s an event you wouldn’t want to miss it!

Stay tuned for the announcement of our final program, where we will unveil even more captivating sessions and activities.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Katja Kotschenreuther
Katja Kotschenreuther
Manager Marketing

Katja ist seit Oktober 2020 Teil des Marketing Teams. Als Manager Marketing kümmert sie sich um das Marketing für die Konferenzen stackconf und OSMC, die DevOpsDays Berlin, Open Source Camps, sowie unsere Trainings. In ihrer Freizeit reist sie gerne, bastelt, backt und im Sommer kümmert sie sich außerdem um ihren viel zu großen Gemüseanbau.

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