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Nagios Monitoring

Ensure your applications and services are always running smoothly with the enterprise grade monitoring system – Nagios. The open source software monitors all network resources such as servers, routers, switches, applications and services.

A powerful tool for system administrators, Nagios quickly recognises network problems and failures before they occur. This ensures the highest possible availability of the network and consequently user satisfaction.

And through the extensive pool of monitoring plug-ins, we can custom monitor any service in your IT infrastructure. Combined with a flexible notification service and extensive reporting capabilities, Nagios can be used manage the health and future growth of your network. 

Nagios Workflow

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Nagios monitors not only all IP-based network components, but also all important services. It monitors applications and actively tests them by simulating client requests. This ensures that not only the service is running smoothly, but also that client queries are correctly handled within a specified time frame.


If a server fails, an important service stops responding, or performance data reaches a critical value, Nagios notifies the administrator or responsible persons via email, SMS, pager or even telephone. This offers a chance for the problem to be solved before users even notice it.

[Translate to English:] Reporting

Nagios actively polls resources and servers, creating availability and performance data. This data can be used to create performance statistics. With these statistics, long-term trends and future growth can be anticipated. Coupled with other available add-ons such as PNP4Nagios, reporting can be further enhanced.

Our services

  • Nagios consulting and project implementation
  • Procurement and installation of complementary hardware
  • Nagios installation and configuration
  • Integration into Helpdesk and ticketing systems
  • Integration of monitoring clients
  • Development of notification and escalation strategies
  • Programming customised monitoring plug-ins
  • Training of administrators and end users

Hardware Monitoring

For higher monitoring, notification or management requirements, we offer hardware that can easily be integrated into Nagios. Please see (German) or contact us for more information.