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OSMC 2023 | Save your Workshop Ticket!

by | Sep 25, 2023 | OSMC

Imagine a day filled with expert guidance, hands-on learning, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion. Our upcoming monitoring workshops are designed to do just that and more. Join us for deep insights, hands-on learning, and a supportive community. Gain valuable skills, boost your confidence, and implement meaningful knowledge in your business.


What makes our Workshops Special

Direct and Personal

Our trainers are experienced in the field of open-source software. Through their skill assets, they make you able to get the best out of your IT infrastructure, applications, and services. Ask them directly about specific problems you’re confronted with or how the specific tool is adaptable to your personal preferences. Get feedback on your exercises and build up knowledge in the monitoring field with open-source programs.


Network and Socialize!

Establish new contacts, a business relationship or build up your IT network. Share information and ideas with fellow workers and keep updated on the latest industry trends and technologies. Benefit from these community relationships that lead to future collaborations, job opportunities, or valuable industry insights.


Discover our Workshops!


Engage with Feu’s workshop to master the standard tools Git and GitLab, delving into key concepts like commits, branches, and conflict resolution. Discover GitLab’s robust features, from Web IDE and issue boards to release management and CI/CD pipelines.

Participating in this workshop will enhance your team’s skills and contributes to your company’s success by enhancing security, optimizing processes, and promoting effective collaboration. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your company’s development capabilities. Explore our website for in-depth details and reserve your spot in Feu’s teaching space!



Join Christoph’s workshop on system monitoring with Telegraf and Influx for a comprehensive understanding of these tools and their IT infrastructure monitoring applications. The workshop covers Telegraf’s installation and configuration, data collection, Influx database usage, dashboard creation, and setting up alerting systems.

Benefit from comprehensive monitoring, early problem detection, and efficient resource utilization by using Telegraf. The tool’s customizability allows your organization to gather metrics from multiple sources and tailor them to their specific needs. In addition, Telegraf supports data security, scalability, and provides access to an active open source community for ongoing support and development.

Get all the details you need on our website and save your position in Christoph’s tutorial room!



Learn with Thomas on how to create your own Icinga extension module quickly. Gain a deep dive into Icinga Web and it’s framework. Have a look at various hooks, allowing you to build quick and easy integrations with other third-party applications.

Boost your company’s productivity and efficiency by customizing Icinga, even without advanced development skills. Meet unique needs, fine-tuning functionality, and streamlining workflows, ensuring a perfect fit for your organization’s monitoring system. Don’t miss out! Check out our website for additional information and book your space in Thomas’ seminar room!



Join Marc as he presents you Argo CD – a powerful and flexible continuous deployment tool designed specifically for use in Kubernetes. Learn how to automatically deploy applications to the Kubernetes environment and discover multiple features such as automation, monitoring, and alerting. Gain all the necessary knowledge to use Argo CD as a basic level and learn how to perform simple deployments!

Embrace the GitOps approach, Argo CD enhances security and stability by swiftly identifying and resolving errors. Robust rollbacks ensure you can effortlessly restore previous states, and the pull-based methodology prevents unintended complications. Incorporate Argo CD into your workflow to enjoy these benefits and supercharge your company’s deployment capabilities. Check out our Website for more detailed information and save your seat in Marc’s classroom!


Grab your Ticket!

You’re convinced by our conference schedule and workshop program? Make sure to save your seat now!
Please note: Workshop tickets are not linked to conference participation.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you from November 7-9 in Nuremberg!

Irene Hahn
Irene Hahn
Junior Account Manager

Irene startete ihre Ausbildung bei NETWAYS im September 2023. Sie ist gespannt, wie abwechslungsreich und außergewöhnlich ihre kommenden Aufgaben werden. In ihrer Freizeit malt sie entweder an Bilder rum oder zockt an ihrer Switch.


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