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Jitsi Customization

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Jitsi

Custom Branding

A few months have passed since our last Jitsi features blogpost and seeing as the demand for Jitsi is still high, we are permanently looking for ways to improve our Jitsi for our customers. Therefore, I would now like to show you the new features which are currently in production.

Lately we got more and more requests for a custom branding of Jitsi. Because Jitsi does not offer such an option, we took the matter into our own hands and created a possibility that you can configure Jitsi yourself.
Many Jitsi users don’t want to have their setup with the default design. They instead want to add their own look. If you have ever searched for custom branding for Jitsi, you will quickly find out that there are already some community contributions available. This is good for the users who run their own jitsi. But for customers who rely on a service provider soon realise that these options are often not represented. Some service providers offer the possibility to create a custom setup for the customer, but such projects are usually associated with higher costs and a lot of hassle.
Therefore, we want to offer the possibility that everyone can easily configure their Jitsi on our website and finally get what they want. The watermark logo, the background and the colour scheme can be customized as desired.

Custom Domain

Apart from the appearance, we are currently also missing the option of the custom domain, but the wait will soon be over. What is also currently in demand is the possibility to have your own domain. This is unfortunately not currently possible with the current setup. But with the new structure of Jitsi, this will no longer be a problem.

JWT Authentication

If we now go a bit further in the direction of security, we come across another important point that is currently being worked on. The selection of the Jitsi authentication. Here we have also put together and provided something magical for you. As standard we have the authentication with user and password, but after our update you will have the ability to choose between standard and JWT authentication.

So it will soon be possible to configure everything on your own.
For these features we will also provide a technical blogpost, where we will explain step by step how all these configurations are implemented in Jitsi.
I hope I could peak your interest with this blogpost. If so, then you are as full of excitement as I am, because these features will be awesome.

If you are still not sure if you want to use Jitsi, check out our blog comparison of Jitsi vs Zoom vs BigBlueButton.

Joshua Hartmann
Joshua Hartmann
Junior Systems Engineer

Joshua startete im Sommer 2020 seine Ausbildung zum Fachinformatiker für Systemintegration im Bereich der NETWAYS Web Services. Zusammen mit seinen Kollegen kümmert er sich hier derzeit um die Kundenbetreuung sowie die Weiterentwicklung der SaaS Apps. Joshua ist musikalisch und spielt gerne Klavier, entdeckte vor einiger Zeit aber auch seine Liebe zum Wintersport. Außerdem hat Joshua eine Karriere in der Amateur Liga eines PC Spiels als professioneller Spieler hinter sich, verbringt heute seine Zeit aber lieber...
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