Web-based ticketing and process management

Request Tracker

All communication at a glance

The Request Tracker is a powerful business tracking system that simplifies the tracking of queries, error messages or emails, and speeds communication between employees and customers.

With the entire history of a communication process at a glance, tasks can be easily handed over without losing important information.


Full transparency and much more

RequestTracker handles all key functions, such as identification of incoming emails, assignment of priorities, assignments to different agents, notifications or closing the request.

Via the web interface the team members or external persons, all important information are available in one place. The flexible authorization system ensures that everyone can only see or edit the information that has been assigned to them.


Almost all setting options can be configured either for the complete system or individual queues, so that a system can be used for several clients, different customers or even companies.

Time tracking

Processing times can be stored directly in the system, so that the execution of helpdesk questions can be settled directly to customers. Request Tracker also provides the necessary database for business cost accounting.

Reminder & Escalation

Upon request, users can be reminded of important deadlines for their tasks. Escalation options provide for an automatic reallocation if a task has not been completed or started within the given time.


Everything at a glance can be so easy

The first request from a customer to the system generates a so-called ticket. This ticket is assigned a unique identification number. If an employee answers this question or creates a query, that number will be encoded in the outgoing email. If the customer replies to this e-mail, the system can use the ticket number to reassign this e-mail to the original request.

By entering the ticket number in the web interface, all information about the process is immediately available to the processor, even if he has not processed it himself.

Request Tracker as a Service

Ticket management is now easy

Why care about updates, backup and operation of your own request tracker installation? We’ll do it for you and make sure Request Tracker is always up to date. And if there are any problems with the configuration of workflows, notifications or queues, we are naturally there for our customers. Why wait, just try it for free.

Request Tracker is just a click away

All NWS apps are free for 30 days.

Starter packages

The simple beginning of something big

With our starter packages, we want to simplify the entry into the Request Tracker and offer a cost-effective way to get to know the Open Source System Ticket System. Without first having to go into large financial advance, as is often the case with commercial products.

Request Tracker starter packages standard

  • Basic installation of the Request Tracker on Debian / Ubuntu / CentOS
  • Connection to a mail system via SMTP transport or Fetch-Mail
  • Connection to an ActiveDirectory / LDAP service
  • Exemplary setup of queues and users
  • Exemplary setup of permissions
  • Basic introduction to the operation of the surface
  • Connection of external data sources via interfaces (API, Soap, Sql)
  • Basic setup and introduction to RT assets
  • Customizing of templates and articles
  • Configuration of lifecycles, statuses, SLAs

Request Tracker starter packages premium

  • Basic installation of the Request Tracker on Debian / Ubuntu / CentOS
  • Connection to an email system via SMTP transport or fetch mail
  • Connection to an ActiveDirectory / LDAP -Service
  • Example of setting up queues and users
  • Example of setting up authorizations
  • Basic introduction to using the user interface
  • Connection of external data sources via Interfaces (API, Soap, SQL)
  • Basic setup and introduction to RT Assets
  • Customizing of templates and articles
  • Configuration of lifecycles, status, SLA’s


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