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The Timeseries Database for developers

InfluxDB is an open source time series database, which is ideally designed for high write and read rates. The ideal solution for quickly storing and evaluating large amounts of data.


The Open Source Time Series Database

With InfluxDB, developers can create IoT, analytics and monitoring solutions. It is specifically designed to process vast amounts of time series data from a myriad of sources generated by sensors, applications and infrastructures.

Simple. Store. Everything.

High Performance

InfluxDB offers the highest performance in a single binary – a multi-tenant time series database, UI and dashboarding tools, background processing and monitoring agents. All of this makes deployment and setup a breeze and easy to secure.

Query and evaluation

With Flux, InfluxDB offers a fourth generation programming language that was developed for scripting, ETL, monitoring and alerting. As a functional language, you can structure queries and divide common logic into functions and libraries that can be easily shared and will speed up your project.

Analytics and Insights

Flux can also be used to enrich time series data with other SQL data stores (Postgres, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite and SAP Hana) as well as with cloud-based data stores (Google Bigtable, Amazon Athena and Snowflake). Enriching metrics provides a different context that gives further insights into your data.


The elegant way to store and analyze data

Developers using the InfluxDB platform create their applications with less effort, less code, and less configuration.

Best-in-class UI

InfluxDB offers a premium user interface with a data explorer, dashboard tools, and a script editor. Use Data Explorer to quickly browse the collected metric and event data and customize the data for display.

Made for developers

Everything in InfluxDB – ingest, query, storage and visualization – can be accessed with a unified API. This saves developers a significant amount of time as everything in the platform can now be accessed and controlled programmatically.

Ready-made templates

The InfluxDB Templates contain ready-made templates covering some of the most popular tools, applications and protocols and you can use the InfluxDB Templates Gallery to share your results with colleagues and other community members around the world.


InfluxDB Consulting

We help you with the conception, installation and integration of your environment – for more power, know-how, peace of mind!


Years of experience

We have been supporting our customers in operating their IT infrastructures for many years. Industries, tools, operating systems – we’ve seen, operated and built everything. We know the best practices with Grafana, Prometheus, InfluxDB & Co. and many topics related to Open Source and Linux.

Know How

Full Understanding

We not only understand your IT systems and services, but the big picture and the countless aspects of operating complex IT infrastructures. There is often a lack of time and personnel with increasing complexity and a rapidly changing IT world.

Peace of Mind

Targeted Reinforcement

As Linux generalists and open source experts, we have a broad base and are well integrated into the open source communities. With us you are never alone! Whether as an IT consultant, engineer, support or architect – we strengthen your team and relieve you of work.

Everything from a single source

The holistic portfolio of NETWAYS

You need support with the planning, implementation and operation of your InfluxDB environment. NETWAYS supports you in all matters relating to consulting, outsourcing and, of course, training.

IT Outsourcing

As an external IT department, we take over the complete operation of entire environments. We take care of all the necessary systems from the open source world and work with you.


With us you get quick help from your personal systems engineer. Whether by phone, chat, email or ticket: we are always there for you! InfluxDB not doing what it’s supposed to? Get it contact with us!


We are happy to pass on our extensive and profound practical knowledge to you in our training courses and workshops. Of course, as face-to-face and of course online training.


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