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Prometheus Fundamentals Training

We pass on our extensive and profound practical knowledge to you in this Prometheus training.


Prometheus | Metrics and Monitoring

Prometheus is an open source monitoring solution that continuously monitors your infrastructure systems. Based on metrics, at allows a detailed glance into the state and the performance of your infrastructure.

Prometheus offers a broad range of integrations into modern solutions.

Place & Duration

2 days | Nurenberg & Online | daily from 9am to 5pm. 

We are happy to help you with booking a hotel and all other questions about our Prometheus training. Just get in touch!


Presence: € 1,790,- net
Online: € 1,690,- net

Come to the same training with your team and benefit from it!

  • For two: 5% discount
  • For three: 10% discount
  • Four people: 15% discount
  • For five: 20% discount
  • For six or more colleagues: 25% discount

When does it start?

Unfortunately, you don’t have time on these dates, but still want to attend our Prometheus Fundamentals training? Just let us know which date would be most suitable for you. Share your preferred date with us!


In this Prometheus training we teach you the basic use of Prometheus and its ecosystem. This is illustrated in great detail with the help of many practical exercises and examples. It also includes details regarding the implementation and use of Exporters, so that the foundation for a flexible and custom use of Prometheus is laid.

The training also extensively features the query language PromQL. Various operating systems and applications are monitored, as well as visualization, notifications and integrations are covered.

A detailed list of the individual topics:

  • Introduction to Monitoring und Observability
  • Basics of events, logs and metrics
  • The Prometheus system architecture
  • Get to know the limitations of Prometheus
  • Server configuration and scraping
  • Get to know data models and Labels
  • Introduction to the Prometheus exposition format
  • Installation of Prometheus and various Exporters

  • Installation and use of the Pushgateways
  • Deep dive into PromQL
  • Definition of recording and alerting rules
  • Sending alerts via the Alertmanager
  • Implementation of a custom Exportes
  • Integration with Remote Storage Systems
  • Highly Available of Prometheus
  • Creating dashboards with Grafana

Target group

Skills | before & after

Our Prometheus training is aimed at Linux/Unix system administrators and monitoring users. Experience with Unix/Linux commands, files, directories, Unix access rights and a text editor are essential. The training is aimed especially at Prometheus newcomers and all basics are treated both theoretically and practically.

After the training, participants will have the necessary knowledge to integrate the entire Prometheus toolkit effectively in their infrastructure.

We look forward to seeing you!


Presence Training | 1.790,- € excl. VAT

The all-inclusive package includes

  • Comprehensive training materials
  • Practical exercises with virtual machines
  • Catering
  • Invitation to the daily lunch
  • Invitation to dinner on the 1st day of training
  • Notebook during the training session


Online Training | 1.690,- € excl. VAT

Knowledge the fast way

  • Comprehensive training material
  • Practical exercises with virtual machines
  • Co-trainer as additional contact person from seven participants onwards
  • Latest knowledge delivered directly to your home
  • Chat channel for exchange and networking


Offer for Companies

Come with your team to the same training and benefit!

You are …
… two of you > you pay 5 % less
… three of you > you pay 10 % less
… four of you > you pay 15 % less
… five of you > you pay 20 % less
from 6th colleague on you pay 25 % less


What makes our trainings special


Our trainers are not only active in the field of Prometheus training, but also work regularly in software and customer projects. We know what matters and are happy to share our knowledge – for your success!


Due to a limited group size, we ensure an efficient course of our Prometheus trainings. Of course, there is always time for questions. You can look forward to individual support!


The exchange between the course participants is particularly important to us. We would like to invite you to lunch and dinner together and also offer a lot of space for discussion and exchange online.

"Very well done training, from the preparation to the implementation, nothing is left to be desired. The content is fundamental, but afterwards you have everything you need to get started right away or to delve deeper into the topic yourself."

Trainee | March 2023

"Casual, very good online training in terms of content in a pleasant atmosphere."

Michael Kotzem | Dataport

“An excellent training course on the basics and use of Prometheus.”

Christian Tilche | operational services GmbH & Co. KG

“Whether from a technical, didactic or culinary point of view, the NETWAYS training courses are one of the best in terms of quality that I have ever attended.”

Training participant | July 2023

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