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Simple IT Automation

Ansible is the easiest solution to automate applications, entire systems and your IT infrastructure. Ansible makes tasks in your environment a breeze.


The simple automation solution

Ansible is the simplest solution for automating applications, complete systems and your IT infrastructure. Ansible makes daily tasks in your Unix and Linux environments a breeze. Every problem has to be solved only once and then rolled out as a playbook on many systems.


Powerful workflow configuration

All configuration information is collected in so-called Ansible Playbooks in an easy to understand description language and rolled out to hosts stored in the host inventory. For this purpose, only a connection to the systems to be configured is necessary and you’re ready to go.

Ansible works in push mode and requires no further installation on the individual systems besides SSH and Python. So you can get started without further preparation with Ansible, as the control of a simple workstation is sufficient.

- hosts: webservers
    http_port: 80
    max_clients: 200
  remote_user: root
  - name: ensure apache is at the latest version
      name: httpd
      state: latest
  - name: write the apache config file
      src: /srv/httpd.j2
      dest: /etc/httpd.conf
    - restart apache
  - name: ensure apache is running
      name: httpd
      state: started
    - name: restart apache
        name: httpd
        state: restarted
Foreman – the lifecycle management tool for physical and virtual servers. The Foreman is an open source project that helps administrators manage their systems throughout the lifecycle, from provisioning and configuration to orchestration and monitoring.


Foreman offers the most important reporting functions for Ansible – so you have all the important information from orchestration and configuration management at a glance.


Ansible collects all the relevant information of the target systems with every run of a playbook. Foreman can display this information and sort it for the user.


Foreman is able to control individual playbooks or complete bulk processes via the web interface, which means a significant reduction of work in Ansible’s everyday life.

Integration into Foreman

Foreman – the lifecycle management tool for physical and virtual servers. The “Vorarbeiter” is an open source project that supports administrators in managing their systems throughout their time of use (lifecycle), from provisioning and configuration to orchestration and monitoring.


Ansible Consulting

We help you with the conception, installation and integration of your environment – for more power, know-how, peace of mind!


Years of Experience

We have been supporting our customers in operating their IT infrastructures for many years. Industries, tools, operating systems – we’ve seen, operated and built everything. We know the best practices with Ansible, Puppet & Co. and many topics related to Open Source and Linux.

Know How

Full Understanding

We not only understand your IT systems and services, but the big picture and the countless aspects of operating complex IT infrastructures. There is often a lack of time and personnel with increasing complexity and a rapidly changing IT world.

Peace of Mind

Targeted Reinforcement

As Linux generalists and open source experts, we have a broad base and are well integrated into the open source communities. With us you are never alone! Whether as an IT consultant, engineer, support or architect – we strengthen your team and relieve you of work.

Everything from a single source

The holistic portfolio of NETWAYS

You need support with the planning, implementation and operation of your Ansible environment. NETWAYS supports you in all matters relating to consulting, outsourcing and, of course, training.

IT Outsourcing

As an external IT department, we take over the complete operation of entire environments. We take care of all the necessary systems from the open source world and work with you.


With us you get quick help from your personal systems engineer. Whether by phone, chat, email or ticket: we are always there for you! Ansible not doing what it’s supposed to? Get it contact with us!


We are happy to pass on our extensive and profound practical knowledge to you in our training courses and workshops. Of course, as face-to-face and of course online training.


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