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Elastic Stack

Elastic Enterprise Subscriptions

Elastic Enterprise Subscriptions and licenses for on premise and the Elastic Cloud from the German Elastic Partner.

Elastic Enterprise

Elastic Enterprise is a suite of data processing and analytics products developed by Elastic. The products include Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats and Logstash, which together provide a powerful solution for processing and analyzing data in real time. Elastic Enterprise enables organizations to effectively manage, analyze, and visualize their data to drive better business outcomes.

Real-time search capability

Elastic Enterprise enables users to search, analyze, and visualize data in real time.


The platform can be easily scaled to meet the needs of growing data volumes.

Flexible data models

Elastic Enterprise supports various data models, including documents, spreadsheets, and geographic data.


Kibana allows users to visualize data using interactive dashboards, graphs, and charts.

Machine Learning

The platform offers machine learning functionality that allows users to create automated processes to analyze data.

Integrated security

Elastic Enterprise has built-in security features, including access control, data encryption, and network security.

Multilingual support

Elastic Enterprise supports multiple languages including English, German, French, and Chinese.


The platform can be easily integrated to collect, process and analyze data from other systems.

Open API

Elastic Enterprise has an open API that allows developers to customize the platform for specific use cases.

Affordable pricing

The platform offers pricing that allows businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the features.

Elastic Stack subscriptions and support from the software maker

We offer enterprise Elastic Stack subscriptions for self-managed deployments right in your environment. Elastic’s pricing model is flexible and resource-based, so we’ll be happy to work with Elastic to create the right offer for your needs, just contact us.

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