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Configuration management with Ansible

Ansible is the simplest solution for automating applications, complete systems and your IT infrastructure. With Ansible, daily tasks in your Unix and Linux environment become child's play. You have to solve each problem only once and can roll out this solution as a Playbook on many (similar) systems.

Ansible has a simple automation language that can perfectly describe an IT application infrastructure. Ansible is easy to learn, automatically documents your environments and is easy to read. Automation should not be more complex than the tasks it replaces.

Ansible Workflow

All configuration information is collected in so-called Ansible Playbooks in an easy-to-understand description language and executed on the hosts stored in the host inventory. For this, you need only one SSH connection to the systems to be configured - and you are ready to go. Ansible works with a push process and does not require any additional installation on the individual systems, in addition to SSH and Python. So Ansible works without an agent - you can (mostly) without further preparation work with Ansible. For control, a simple workstation is sufficient.

Ansible Workflow