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Open Source Monitoring & Observability

Prometheus is a monitoring solution that continuously monitors your infrastructure systems, collecting data on availability and performance and generating alarms in the event of failures or problems.


Enterprise Monitoring

Enter the multiverse

Prometheus comes with a high-dimensional data model and its own query language for analysis, aggregation and processing of the data.


As cloud-native projects, high availability and scalability can be easily implemented with Prometheus.


Prometheus offers an integrated possibility for visualization. At the same time, extensions with, for example, Grafana are possible.

Monitor. Visualize. Alert.


From Metrics to Insights

Time series data

Prometheus comes with a high-dimensional data model that can be used to monitor process behavior, access metrics, error metrics, and workload at a high level of detail. This data can be processed, analyzed and aggregated using a proprietary query language.


From a single instance to a highly available fleet, scalability is easy to implement with Prometheus as a cloud-native project. The Prometheus Alertmanager takes care of deduplication, grouping and targeted notifications.


Prometheus collects metrics on predefined endpoints over common HTTP connections. Each Prometheus instance runs standalone and is built on local POSIX-compliant storage.


Prometheus offers an integrated visualization option with which data can be evaluated ad hoc. At the same time, numerous extensions are possible with, for example, Grafana.


Working with Prometheus

Prometheus not only offers comprehensive monitoring of your infrastructure, but can also be seamlessly integrated into existing tools and systems.
Continuously collect critical data on availability and performance and receive precise alerts in the event of failures or problems.

Optimize your network monitoring and work more efficiently with seamless Prometheus integration.


In combination with Icinga, Prometheus enables holistic monitoring. This integration improves infrastructure monitoring, enables precise alerting, and supports custom monitoring rules and detailed reporting for optimized system management.


Grafana extends Prometheus with powerful visualizations. The intuitive user interface allows you to easily display and analyze your queries. This combination creates an overview and helps you make faster and more informed decisions.


InfluxDB can be used as an additional external storage system to expand data storage and management for Prometheus.
This integration enables efficient storage and retrieval of monitoring data, facilitating long-term monitoring and trend analysis.


Your wishes – our solutions

We develop Prometheus Exporter for you – from simple adjustments to custom exporters.

Exporters provide the data for Prometheus. A large number of existing exporters for Prometheus can be used or created individually with the help of numerous program libraries.


Prometheus Consulting

We help you with the conception, installation and integration of your environment – for more power, know-how, peace of mind!


Years of experience

We have been supporting our customers in operating their IT infrastructures for many years. Industries, tools, operating systems – we’ve seen, operated and built everything. We know the best practices with Grafana, Prometheus, InfluxDB & Co. and many topics related to Open Source and Linux.

Know How

Full Understanding

We not only understand your IT systems and services, but the big picture and the countless aspects of operating complex IT infrastructures. There is often a lack of time and personnel with increasing complexity and a rapidly changing IT world.

Peace of Mind

Targeted Reinforcement

As Linux generalists and open source experts, we have a broad base and are well integrated into the open source communities. With us you are never alone! Whether as an IT consultant, engineer, support or architect – we strengthen your team and relieve you of work.

Everything from a single source

The holistic portfolio of NETWAYS

You need support with the planning, implementation and operation of your Prometheus environment. NETWAYS supports you in all matters relating to consulting, outsourcing and, of course, training.

IT Outsourcing

As an external IT department, we take over the complete operation of entire environments. We take care of all the necessary systems from the open source world and work with you.


With us you get quick help from your personal systems engineer. Whether by phone, chat, email or ticket: we are always there for you! Prometheus not doing what it’s supposed to? Get it contact with us!


We are happy to pass on our extensive and profound practical knowledge to you in our training courses and workshops. Of course, as face-to-face and of course online training.

Starter Pack

The simple beginning of something big

With our Prometheus Consulting offer, we want to make it easier to get started with monitoring with Prometheus and offer a cost-effective way of getting to know the open source system. Without having to make major financial advance payments, as is often the case with commercial products.

Our experienced consultants are available to you remotely for one to four days, set up the system directly and teach the basics for further operation. The package is billed at a fixed price and there are no additional costs.

Of course we also offer you every possible Prometheus custom solution in every size – just talk to us.

Prometheus Review - Day 1

  • Discussion of your goals and requirements
  • Selection of suitable solutions/technologies
  • Support in selecting the right hardware
  • Support in choosing the right hoster
    (also with us:</li >
  • Planning the rollout of your monitoring environment

Prometheus Kickstart - 2-4 Days

Day 1+2:

  • All content from Prometheus Review
  • Installing Prometheus
  • Installation of various exporters
  • Introduction to PromQL
  • Example monitoring of Linux servers
  • Example monitoring of Windows servers
  • Example of monitoring a database (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Example of monitoring a website
  • Example of monitoring network components via SNMP
  • Installation of Alert Manager
  • Setting up email notifications

Possible topics for days 3-4 (optional):

  • Installation of the push gateway
  • High availability configuration
  • Configuration of remote endpoints and storage
  • Integration with Grafana
  • Prometheus Federation configuration
  • Configuration of remote endpoints and storage
  • Configuration of security-related topics
  • Installation of the push gateway
  • Integration with Grafana
  • Development of own exporter
  • Deep dive into PromQL
  • Insight to Prometheus Best Practices

Prometheus Custom

We plan and build your new Prometheus environment of any size with you – on premise or with the hoster of your choice.


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