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Monitor your entire infrastructure

Icinga is a professional monitoring solution that continuously monitors all systems in your network, collecting data on availability and performance and generating alarms in the event of unplanned outages or problems.


The heart of your monitoring environment

Icinga is a professional monitoring solution that continuously monitors all systems in your network, collecting data on availability and performance, and generating alerts in the event of unplanned downtime or problems.

The environments of complex network environments have never been simpler: after enabling Icinga’s built-in cluster feature, you can start configuring the highly available and distributed monitoring setup.

Easy. Everything. Monitoring.


Icinga is consistently optimized for speed and can execute several thousand checks every second. Outdated results are a thing of the past.


Combine a highly available application cluster with a distributed setup. The best results are achieved in large and complex environments.

Rule-based configuration

Monitoring as code with dynamic configuration. Create individual rules which are assigned to any host and service objects. This is how continuous monitoring succeeds.

Icinga Web

Experience a new perspective

The web interface of the latest Icinga generation offers significantly higher performance than all previous solutions, supports various backends and shines with an intuitive and dynamic layout.

Icinga Web – Login

Icinga Web – Servicedetail

Icinga Web – Authorization


Custom-fit extension

Icinga Web has a module interface that makes it easy to integrate extensions into the web interface. A large number of already existing modules can be used for Icinga Web or individually adapted to existing needs.

Icinga Director

The Icinga Director is the native configuration frontend for Icinga, providing a flexible and easy-to-use interface for managing your monitoring environment.

Business Processes

The Business Process AddOn allows you to model a complete business process from the individual monitoring systems. Of course, these processes then serve the professional alerting.


The Icinga Web Integration for displaying performance metrics directly from Graphite. So you keep the overview even without manual creation of dashboards. And that without further backend components.

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You decide what fits best

Icinga is characterized by a broad support of modern log, configuration and metrics solutions. So you decide for yourself which solution suits your environment best.


Monitoring as Code has never been easier. Use the potential of the Icinga configuration or use an existing solution. Be it Puppet, Chef, Ansible or SaltStack, no problem for Icinga.

Log management

For medium- and long-term storage and subsequent analysis of log files, many solutions have become established on the market. Be it the Elastic Stack, Graylog or even commercial variants like Splunk. Icinga offers a variety of interfaces for connecting your environment.

Performance & Metrics

Icinga delivers all performance data for downstream analysis to connected products. Icinga immediately provides interfaces for Graphite, InfluxDB and OpenTSDB as a core feature. Just activate the feature and off you go.

Icinga as a Service

Start immediately and stay up to date

Start Icinga as a preconfigured stack with everything needed for professional open source monitoring. Metric storage with Graphite, visualization with Grafana and of course a web based configuration with Icinga Director. Why wait, just try it for free.

Icinga is just a click away

All NWS apps are free for 30 days.


Your wishes – our solutions

We continue to develop Icinga for you – from simple customization to custom modules to complete integration solutions.

Icinga Web 2 Module

Icinga Web 2 is modular and freely customizable. We create Icinga Web 2 modules for every application.


Icinga provides open interfaces that we can adapt to your project and environment at any time.


Icinga is open source and lives on the community. Become part of this community and support Icinga.

Starter package

The simple beginning of something big

With our starter packages, we want to simplify the entry into the monitoring with icinga and offer a cost-effective way to get to know the open source system. Without first having to go into large financial advance, as is often the case with commercial products.

One of our experienced consultants comes on site for 4 or 8 days, sets up the system directly on site and provides the basics for further operation. The package is settled at a fixed price and there are no additional costs, as we rely on Puppet Open Source for implementation.

Icinga starter package standard

We recommend attending our Icinga 2 training course before booking the Icinga Starter Package Standard. You can book this training as a module to this starter package.

  • 4 days Icinga 2 Fundamentals Training for three participants – additional participants on request – max. 6 participants
  • Installation of Icinga 2 with Icinga Web 2 and database connection
  • Installation of a graphing solution for displaying performance data
  • Installation of the Business Process Addon
  • Exemplary monitoring of Linux servers
  • Exemplary monitoring of Windows servers
  • Exemplary monitoring of a database (MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, MaxDB, MySQL, ..)
  • Exemplary monitoring of network components via SNMP (MIBs must be available)
  • Setup of e-mail notifications

Icinga starter package premium

  • 4 Tage Icinga 2 Fundamentals Schulung für drei Teilnehmer – weitere Teilnehmer auf Anfrage – max. 6 Teilnehmer
  • Installation von Icinga 2 mit Icinga Web 2 und Datenbankanbindung
  • Installation einer Graphing Lösung zur Darstellung von Performancedaten
  • Installation des Business Process Addons
  • Beispielhafte Überwachung von Linux Servern
  • Beispielhafte Überwachung von Windows Servern
  • Beispielhafte Überwachung einer Datenbank (MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, MaxDB, MySQL, ..)
  • Beispielhafte Überwachung von Netzwerkkomponenten per SNMP (MIBs müssen vorhanden sein)
  • Einrichtung von E-Mail Benachrichtigungen
* The training has the scope of the Icinga 2 Fundamentals training and will be carried out on-site
(including lesson notebooks, training material and certificates)


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