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Database Monitoring

Keep an eye on all data

Icinga monitors all important database management systems and alerts in a timely and targeted manner.

Monitor availability and performance

The availability of your data and backups and the performance of your databases is crucial. With Icinga you get the most important information at the right moment.

Check availability and status of your databases

Collect metrics about the internal database statistics

Check disk and memory usage for each database on each server

Monitor distributed database setups with replicated data

Ensure the functionality of your backup system

Extend your monitoring with custom queries

MongoDB Monitoring

By monitoring MongoDB databases with Icinga, you can react quickly to errors and plan capacities correctly.

Icinga collects internal MongoDB statistics by connecting directly to the database.


  • Monitoring the current number of connections to the database
  • Tracking the execution rate of inserts, queries, updates and deletes
  • Monitoring the delay and current status of database replication
  • Ensuring the availability and correct balancing of the shards

MSSQL Monitoring

Icinga bietet dedizierte Prüfungen zur Überwachung des Zustands von MSSQL-Datenbanken und ihrer internen Metriken. Mit Icinga for Windows steht Dir eine einfache und aussagekräftige Lösung zur Überwachung von MSSQL-Datenbanken zur Verfügung.


  • Monitoring of transaction speed and identification of waiting times due to locks
  • Monitoring the file size of databases and associated transaction logs
  • Detection of deadlocks and queries that block other transactions
  • Monitoring the execution status of scheduled jobs

MySQL / MariaDB Monitoring

Find out if your MySQL or MariaDB database servers are performing the best.

Monitoring your MySQL servers provides valuable information – both to prevent and to fix problems.


  • Measurement of query response times and general throughput
  • Monitoring of specific metrics such as buffer pool usage and row operations
  • Monitoring the status and delay in replication between master and slave servers
  • Identification of slow queries and counting of database errors

IBM DB2 Monitoring

DB2 servers often store an organization’s most mission-critical data. Monitoring the availability and health of DB2 databases is therefore critical. Icinga keeps an eye on these servers and provides detailed information about their health.


  • Monitoring the efficiency of cache access and read/write operations
  • Utilization of memory space through tables and indexes
  • Detection of delays caused by locks and their escalation
  • Monitoring the general health indicators of the database

PostgreSQL Monitoring

Monitor PostgreSQL database availability and get insights into detailed metrics. Icinga monitors replication status and collects data about database utilization. Make troubleshooting easier by getting timely alerts and notifications.


  • Monitoring the number of connections and the length of queues
  • Monitoring the execution of VACUUM and Analyze to maintain the database
  • Measuring the delay in replication and the rate of WAL generation
  • Monitoring the creation and use of temporary files

Oracle Monitoring

Icinga provides full monitoring of Oracle database servers and databases – including availability, database and table sizes, cache ratios and other key metrics. Monitoring is done using various monitoring plugins from the community.


  • Monitoring the use of the System Global Area and Program Global Area
  • Monitoring the number of active sessions and waiting times
  • Measuring the use of tablespaces and monitoring autoextend events
  • Monitoring the status of backups and replication in Data Guard environments

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