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Windows Monitoring

Comprehensive monitoring for all Windows systems

Icinga for Windows provides a complete monitoring environment for Windows servers and seamlessly integrates with Icinga.

Windows monitoring with Icinga

Icinga is your solution for monitoring Windows servers. With Icinga for Windows, you benefit from a variety of PowerShell-based monitoring plugins that enable easy and secure implementation.
The plugins give you access to a wide range of monitoring metrics, from CPU and memory utilization to monitoring Windows services.

Icinga for Windows helps you detect problems before they become serious issues. Thanks to the flexible notification options, you and your team can react quickly to events.
Windows monitoring with Icinga can also be integrated directly into existing IT infrastructures.

Monitoring with or without agents

Monitor the entire Windows server

Private cloud monitoring for Hyper-V environments

Get an overview of all the details of your MSSQL Server

Monitor the resources and status of Windows clusters and shared volumes

Extend your monitoring with your own checks and plugins

Windows Server Monitoring

Icinga accesses and monitors the local resources of your Windows servers:

  • Disk availability and utilization
  • Utilization of specific partitions
  • CPU usage
  • RAM usage
  • Event log entries
  • Firewall Status
  • Network interfaces and the status of interface teams
  • Windows Performance Counter
  • Parameters of specific processes
  • Status of Windows Tasks
  • Services and their state
  • Availability and utilization of storage pools
  • Windows Updates

You can find many more checks in the Icinga documentation:

Icinga for Windows Plugins

Windows Cluster Monitoring

Failover clustering for Windows servers ensures high availability of your services and prevents outages. Icinga monitors Windows clusters and makes sure you’re notified when individual nodes or resources go into an unhealthy state.


  • Monitor the status and availability of a cluster service
  • Monitor the status of each cluster node
    Monitor the status of all cluster resources
  • Monitor the cluster network
  • Monitor the availability, health and available space of Cluster Shared Volumes

Hyper-V Monitoring

Microsoft Hyper-V monitoring ensures that your private cloud is available and functional at all times. Icinga for Windows comes with dedicated monitoring plugins to monitor every important aspect of your Hyper-V environment.


  • The overall availability, health, and health of the Hyper-V server
  • CPU, RAM and memory overload of a Hyper-V server
  • Age, disk space, count and file size of VM snapshots
  • Status of a Hyper-V Virtual Switch
  • State of all Hyper-V virtual machines
  • In addition, Icinga monitors the virtual machines running on your Hyper-V servers.

MSSQL Monitoring

MSSQL is the de facto standard database solution for Windows servers. Icinga monitors MSSQL databases and provides detailed insights. Alerts allow you to react quickly and fix any problems that arise.


  • All MSSQL services and the connection to each instance
  • Resource usage
  • Status of MSSQL backups
  • Specific Windows performance counters related to MSSQL

Secure Monitoring

Secure monitoring is the basic requirement for every solution used. Icinga for Windows offers the possibility to automatically create and install JEA profiles for all installed components. Using JEA, a single user is then authorized to only perform the actions that are relevant for the execution of the plugin.


  • Automatic generation of JEA profiles
  • No manual authorization of users on (partial) components
  • Strictly prevent tool/script execution that is not allowed
  • Easy management

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