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Foreman is a management tool for the complete lifecycle of servers and enables system administrators to easily automate recurring tasks, quickly deploy applications and proactively manage servers on site or in the cloud.


Open Source Lifecycle Management

Foreman is the lifecycle management tool for physical and virtual servers. The Foreman is an open source project that helps administrators manage their systems throughout the lifecycle, from provisioning and configuration to orchestration and monitoring.


Using Puppet, Ansible or Chef and the Foreman Smart Proxy architecture, regular tasks can be automated and applications rolled out at the touch of a button.



Foreman offers a web frontend, a CLI and a RESTful API. In addition, a large number of plugins are available to customize Foreman to individual needs.


Foreman is the perfect frontend for the open source variants of Puppet and Ansible. Be it controlling your own server virtualization or analyzing the configuration management.


Adapts to your needs

With Foreman, applications can be quickly provided and servers provisioned (Bare Metal (MaaS), Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine, OpenStack, Libvirt, oVirt, VMware and many other providers).


Provide complete systems from the ground up – controlled by an interface for both bare metal systems and private and public cloud systems.

Configuration Management

A complete solution for configuration management – with Puppet as well as Ansible and Ansible Tower / AWX.


Inventory and Activity Monitoring of Puppet, Ansible and Chef Reports and Facts – including all configuration states and trends.

Software management

Local repositories for content management

Through the Katello project, Foreman is also becoming a solution for software management, often also referred to as content management. So if you opt for the Katello installation variant, you receive a local mirror for software repositories and the option of filtering their content in content views and using lifecycle environments to try out updates in a test environment before they are imported into production.

Using the appropriate subscription, Red Hat and SUSE customers also receive an integration for the Enterprise Linux derivatives. Katello also forms the basis for enterprise solutions such as the Red Hat Network Satellite 6 and orcharhino.


Task management and templates

With the remote execution plug-in, jobs can be executed ad-hoc or recurring at set times. If you want, you can use simple shell commands or Ansible playbooks. If the ready-made jobs are not enough, new templates can also be created. With live output and overviews of the status of the individual jobs, nothing stands in the way of even the most critical tasks.


Foreman with Puppet or Ansible


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