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InfluxDB & Grafana

Fundamentals Training

We pass on our extensive and profound practical knowledge to you in this InfluxDB​ & Grafana training.

"The online training was technically flawlessly presented. The trainer was very well prepared and delivered the topic confidently and at a pleasant volume and speed. Once again, I learned a lot!"

Daniel Burkhard | operational services GmbH & Co. KG

"Very well organized training. Competent and friendly trainer who matched the content to the expectations and requirements of the participants and was able to teach well."

Training participant | July 2019

"Very good training. Informative and instructive. Very friendly and competent trainer. Good atmosphere."

Oliver Brosch | GLS IT Services GmbH


InfluxDB & Grafana | Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring is the collection and evaluation of performance values. InfluxDB is one of the most popular open source tools in this area. Its basic functionality is to receive data from different sources, be it servers or applications.

Graphite and OpenTSDB, which our InfluxDB training will also cover, are good alternatives to this and offer individual added value. Together with other tools such as CollectD, Icinga and Telegraf, a stack can be built that integrates precisely into an existing environment and extends it. With the help of InfluxQL and Continuous Queries it is possible to get everything out of the existing data. By using Grafana, the visualization of the data does not fall by the wayside: the web interface brings many useful features for displaying and analyzing. This InfluxDB training replaces the Graphite & Grafana training. The focus has been shifted due to the feedback we received.

Place & Duration

2 days | Nuremberg & Online | daily 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day

We are happy to help you with booking a hotel and all other questions about our InfluxDB training. Just get in touch!


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When does it start?


Evaluate data, gather knowledge

Our InfluxDB training includes everything necessary for successful performance monitoring of larger and also more complex environments. Participants learn about the structure and functionality of the tools and consolidate their knowledge in practical exercises. In addition, the interaction with various data sources is covered in detail.

  • Introduction to Performance Graphing
  • Overview of different graphing components
  • Structure and installation of InfluxDB
  • Using InfluxDB queries
  • Defining retention and aggregation
  • Using InfluxDB UI
  • Configuring dashboards with Grafana
  • Use and extension of Telegraf
  • Connection of CollectD and Icinga
  • Alternative backends like Graphite and OpenTSDB
  • Integration with Icinga Web
  • Troubleshooting and Best Practices
  • Alternative components

Target group

Skills | before & after

This InfluxDB training is intended for users who want to collect, process and visualize time series data from different sources – especially Icinga. Participants should have basic Linux skills and be able to work confidently in the text editor of their choice.

We look forward to seeing you!


Presence Training | 1.590,- € excl. VAT

The all-inclusive package includes

  • Comprehensive training material
  • Practical exercises with virtual machines
  • Catering during the breaks
  • Invitation to the daily lunch
  • Invitation to dinner on the 1st day of training
  •  Notebook for the duration of the training


Online Training | 1.490,- € net

Knowledge the fast way

  • Comprehensive training material
  • Practical exercises with virtual machines
  • Co-trainer as additional contact person from seven participants onwards
  • Latest knowledge delivered directly to your home
  • Chat channel for exchange and networking


Offer for Companies

Come with your team to the same training and benefit!

You are …
two of you > you pay 5 % less
three of you > you pay 10 % less
four of you > you pay 15 % less
five of you > you pay 20 % less
from 6th colleague on you pay 25 % less


That´s what makes our training special


Our trainers are not only active in the field of Influx DB training, but also work regularly in software and customer projects. We know what matters and are happy to share our knowledge – for your success!


Due to a limited group size we ensure an efficient course of our InfluxDB trainings and workshops. Of course there is always time for questions. You can look forward to individual support!


The exchange between the course participants is particularly important to us. We would like to invite you to lunch and dinner together and also offer a lot of space for discussion and exchange online.

Convinced? We are already looking forward to seeing you.