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Modern Security, limitless possibilities

Wazuh stands for modern IT security: advanced threat detection,
comprehensive data analysis and robust compliance management in an integrated, scalable platform.


The heart of modern IT security

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is a central component of the modern IT security landscape. It combines the collection, analysis and evaluation of security data from various sources to provide a comprehensive overview of the security status of an IT system. SIEM systems make it possible to respond to threats in real time by identifying suspicious activity and triggering alerts.

This ability to correlate and analyze data from different sources makes SIEM an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to proactively minimize security risks.
Wazuh, an advanced open-source security platform, extends these capabilities by integrating SIEM systems, enabling even deeper insight into security incidents and more effective threat defense.


Advanced security for the world of tomorrow

At a time when cyber threats are constantly increasing and becoming more complex, Wazuh offers a forward-looking solution in the field of IT security. As an advanced open source security platform, Wazuh integrates versatile security functions and analytical intelligence, tailored to the requirements of modern IT systems.

From intrusion detection and file integrity monitoring to comprehensive log data analysis, Wazuh was developed not only to detect and neutralize threats, but also to provide deep insights into the security situation.


Advanced security features for modern IT

Wazuh offers cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions with customizable features for today’s IT challenges.
Discover key features designed specifically for advanced protection and compliance in dynamic IT environments.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Wazuh’s IDS monitors network traffic and system activity to proactively detect intrusions and security breaches. This ability to identify threats early increases overall security and prevents potential attacks before they cause damage.

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

Wazuh’s File Integrity Monitoring records changes to critical files and configurations.
It ensures that important files are protected against unauthorized changes, supports adherence to compliance guidelines and effectively protects against malware and insider threats.

Analyzing log data

Wazuh analyzes log data from various sources to provide in-depth insights into system activities.
Analyses like these are crucial for quickly detecting and responding to security incidents and malfunctions.

Vulnerablility Detection

Wazuh identifies vulnerabilities in software by comparing them with current CVE databases.
Proactive detection makes it possible to fix vulnerabilities before they are exploited and helps prevent cyberattacks.

Compliance Monitoring

Wazuh supports companies in complying with safety standards
and regulations.
Through monitoring and reporting, it simplifies the compliance process and reduces the risk of breaches.

Cloud and container security

Wazuh offers advanced security features for cloud and container environments.
These functions are crucial for securing dynamic IT infrastructures and effectively protect against specific threats and vulnerabilities.


NETWAYS Consulting for Wazuh Solution

We help you with the design, installation and integration of your Wazuh security environment – for more power, know-how and peace of mind!


Years of experience

We have been supporting our customers in the operation of their IT infrastructures for many years. Industries, tools, operating systems – we have seen, operated and built all kinds of things. We know the best practices with BookStack, Snipe-IT & Co. and many topics relating to open source, Linux and security.


Full understanding

We not only understand your IT systems and services, but also the big picture and the countless aspects of operating complex IT infrastructures. With increasing complexity and a rapidly changing IT world, there is often a lack of time and personnel.

Peace of Mind

Targeted reinforcement

As Linux generalists and open source experts, we have a broad base and are well integrated into the open source communities. You are never alone with us! Whether as an IT consultant, engineer, support or architect – we strengthen your team and take work off your hands.

Everything from a single source

The holistic portfolio from NETWAYS

You need support with the planning, introduction and operation of Wazuh. NETWAYS supports you in all matters relating to consulting, outsourcing and, of course, training.

IT Outsourcing

As an external IT department, we take over the complete operation of entire environments. We take care of all the necessary systems from the open source world and work with you.


With us, you get fast help from your personal systems engineer. Whether by phone, chat, e-mail or ticket: we are always there for you! Wazuh is not doing what it should? Get in touch with us!


We are happy to pass on our extensive and profound practical knowledge to you in our training courses and workshops. Of course, as face-to-face and of course online training.

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